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The Artifact is exactly the same as last year's Aura, except it has lost the 10 minutes AOE pulse core boost. No one really used the free death reclaim, so that's not much of a loss. The 50% chance to act as a sign of the porter is probably useful at some places I afk at, while i'm not sure if i'll ever use the slayer perk, since i'm already 120 slayer...

Seems like the Premier Club "exclusives" thing has been removed compared to last year, but meh. I really only care about cheaper yearly membership, the benefits are just a bonus in the end.

I hope 2019 will be a better year for Jagex, because 2018 has not been as good as other years. I do know that it's unrealistic to expect weekly updates in this day and age, considering how old RS is (and therefore how much code could potentially conflict with older pieces of code), but perhaps it's better to set more realistic deadlines for updates. Don't give in to the whiners on the forums or on Reddit. It's also unfortunate that the higher-ups have so much say on what needs to be done at Jagex, but in the real world there's not much that can be done unless someone else acquires Jagex.
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