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I believe the players are annoyed that Jagex are selling game content for gold, or so it seems when they have been avoiding gold farming websites during their whole game experience.
Cheers, Jagex.

29-Aug-2012 22:52:15

Max Westy
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Max Westy

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I never envisioned the day JaGeX would troll us.Too many updates for underaged players.Where did the 14+ go?This isn't an UPdate,it's a "DOWNdate" since it makes RuneScape regress.

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I don't understand all of the negativity going on here. I honestly believe that these new "Skill Fu" updates make you both stand out when you are skilling, and make skilling just a bit less boring. With this update, it is now quite comical to watch your character skill. I believe that these updates aren't necessarily NEEDED, but they do add something to the gaming experience in their own little ways. Look at the amazing game that these guys have put everything into making. Appreciate that, and stop hating them because they put something in-game that you don't particularly like.
I personally like the updates, and hope that there will be more to come! I also hope, however, that there will be more ways to earn RuneCoins in Runescape.
Thanks for the new updates!
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19-Sep-2012 01:38:14



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Honestly, the Solomon's Store thing is ridiculous. If you're going to complain about RWT sites and players, why do you do the same thing? I'm not going to say that I don't like any of the things in Solomon's Store. I like some of it, but I still have my first 200 free "RuneCoins" and I don't plan to buy any. I feel like this store is a waste of your time and effort, not to mention our money.
That being said, I think you should concentrate more on the LOYALTY PROGRAMME, and not...well, Real-World Trading. One of the only things, if not the only thing you should receive money for is our membership. I understand that sometimes that's not enough for the steps you wish to take, or whatever, but I feel that Jagex is taking way too many risks, and in the end, will lose more players and therefore money because of some of these updates. I've noticed that FAR LESS people play the game these days. The first four to five worlds in the game were ALWAYS full. Now you're lucky to have 1,800 people in world 2.

19-Sep-2012 19:56:22

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