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Mod William

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In Gielinor, summer is in full swing, so don’t forget to pick up the first four pieces of the Tropical Islander outfit - free to everyone who's had membership throughout August!
We’re almost halfway through Sizzling Summer and so far the first four pieces of the exclusive Tropical Islander summer outfit have been released! These are free for all of you who have been members throughout August!
Items include a tropical headdress, a tropical top (arm tassels for men and a sea shell bikini for the women), a grass skirt and a unique barefoot look!

If you’re yet to get your hands on all four parts, head over to Solomon’s General Store and pick them up – eligible members take them away absolutely free!
The fifth and final piece will be available very soon: a rather fetching lei necklace. If that’s not hot enough for you, don’t forget that there’s much more to come between now and the end of September: including a crazy crab dance emote, a squid cape and a scorching-hot title! Be sure to keep your membership running so you don’t miss out on these exclusive Sizzling Summer items!
Finally, on the 31st of August, we'll be sending out XP promissory notes to everyone who's been a member throughout August! Check your inventory then, or with Diango if you're out of space.

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The amount of promotions is too high. 2 a week + one a month is too much.
Why are you posting this much? Oh wait i think i've got the answer, you got paychecks to pay.

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That's not strictly true. This is really just a reminder to people who are part of the promotion to go and get their outfit.
This entire promotion is about rewarding members with some cool stuff and specifically this post is about reminding people to get their free item.
I think you might be being a little cynical.
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