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Curst Prince

Curst Prince

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Hey, William. My name is Curtis. I just wanted to call the attention of a J mod to an issue that I had with my automatic membership renewal between the months of August and September. Apparently my membership did not renew automatically through Pay By Cash near the end of August as it should have. This was very strange to me because this was the first time I've had this problem in the 5+ years of my continuous membership. when I noticed this I did not know what had happened and figured my Pay By Cash account had expired so I resubscribed through the automatic debit option and I thought the problem would be fixed with that. I was worried that with a few days of lapsed time without membership I would not receive the second month's portion of Sizzling Summer rewards and my fears were confirmed around the beginning of this month. Disappointed, I was willing to let it go until I read my bank statement for that month and discovered that the transaction for Pay By Cash actually did go through, as well as the debit card transaction as well. Now I'm just confused, and a little annoyed. Can you help me?

12-Oct-2012 10:00:20

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