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Reading between the lines, the message seems to be saying:
'Jagex fought against bots and RWT for a long time. However, this ruined Jagex financially so they have been forced to make a few compromises. While reluctant to introduce micro-payments into the game, member payments are no longer enough to finance the continued development of RuneScape (the anti-bot and RWT measures have cost them many members and lots of money, and they need to recoup their losses somehow). So they have introduced what they believe are milder forms of micro-payments in the form of Solomon's General Store and the controversial buyable spins option of Squeal of Fortune'.
Maybe ... but that STILL does not excuse Squeal of Fortune's buyable spins and how they introduce GAMBLING (I capitalize that word because I cannot emphasize this enough) for pixels using real world money into the game. In a way, the buyable spins are WORSE than just selling the stuff outright -- people could spend tons of money on spins hoping to win the higher-valued stuff, but never succeed. In fact, some would say it's a sign of GREED on the part of those behind the buyable spins -- they can make more money by making people gamble for those items than they would if they just sold them outright.
To be brutally honest, I find this DISGUSTING. Gambling should NOT be encouraged, especially since some of the players are under 18. What's worse is, this is gambling for (and I cannot emphasize this enough) ITEMS THAT DO NOT REALLY EXIST. THEY ARE JUST PIXELS.
Repeat those last two sentences over and over. Say them out loud over and over again. Until you've been brought back firmly to reality and accept the truth of those sentences.
I am firmly against real world trading. Always have been, always will be. I believe those who spend real-world money on pixelated gold or armor need a serious reality check. But doing it in the form of a game of chance is, in some ways, worse.

06-Sep-2012 14:19:13

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first off: personally i find the sof to be a bit too rewarding. so far i have played for not long at all and i have won around 2mill on it. so i believe that all high cash rewards should be removed and replaced with runecoins instead for cosmetics in solomans store.
the exp lamps should all become pendents as this would mean you have to still earn your exp.
second off: isnt there a way to block and ip address if a particular one has had more then a few rule breaks within botting? wouldnt this rid the issue from reforming itself and in the long run, reduce bots significantly?
thirdly: i love the new look that runescape will eventually get. but the only difference that really stands out is that it just appears to be brighter and not as sharp. has anyone else noticed this?

06-Sep-2012 15:14:56

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so the money you made from squeal of fortune is all going to the evolution of combat honestly do you think the game would get any bigger? i'm pretty sure the game will just die out people, might like it a little bit at first maybe they'll go to gwd or something and then realize this is the same thing just with a boring action bar it's not like it's any better now, besides who likes busting there fingers trying to get 1 attack up.

06-Sep-2012 15:39:45

Ms GoGo
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Extremely well said Laurazal .
Maybe they should now just allow real world trading and account sharing now because its basically what jagex is doing is real world trading and it is sad that because you can only gamble for xp or money they are using that to say you are not buying xp or gold directly and to make matters worse jagex will say how wonderful they are whenever they make a terrible update.

06-Sep-2012 16:20:36

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