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Personally, I think the live stream went particularly well, especially since it was the first ever of its kind officially from RuneScape. For the matter of being the first over of its kind, I must say, that certainly is a neat step forward ^_^!
I assume this is the place to leave feedback regarding the live stream for Mod Crow, Mod Paul M, and anyone else to work with, so I have a few constructive criticisms I would like to bring forward. It's likely they've already been mentioned in some way or another, but oh well.
To begin with, I think a live stream should consist of more than just discussions, however interesting, and a few neat segments such as the one about lore and the various concept art bits I tuned in for. I'm not necessarily pushing to go all-out with a possibly over-the-top line-up of events to take place within a live stream, but more that there should be more substance in general; for me things that come to mind would be actual game-play from live stream participants, possibly live streaming an event with guests, a release of an update with guests, and so on. Additionally, there definitely should be some sort of predetermined standard for discussion for the live streams rather than being spontaneous for the most part, which is how I felt the first live stream was managed. It's not really that being spontaneous is bad when it comes to questions, but more that when a question couldn't be answered or was basically shelved, it just felt down-right disappointing. I don't think that's too much of an issue, however, as this obviously was just a glimpse of a few steps into live stream possibilities.
Aside from that, I do agree with others that there should be a greater variety with guests in general. As a few have already said, guests who are willing and would be known to contribute as well, but not necessarily particularly well-known, would be nice to have! It creates more and more diverse perspectives to a given topic, in my humble opinion.
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Ian Peregrin

Ian Peregrin

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