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Mod William

Mod William

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Thursday is Community Round-Up day and so - by a simple process of logical deduction - that must mean its Community Round-Up time again! You know, it being Thursday. It’s just science. Anyway, we have news on the latest events, YouTube videos, competitions and community projects, so dig in, kick back, and enjoy!

RuneScape YouTube Live Stream Sessions
First up, our latest YouTube live stream session will be taking place on Sunday 9th September at 9pm BST. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard and RuneScape VP Daniel Clough are going to be taking on the really big questions regarding micro payments, straight from the community - no holds barred! For full details of the event, check out the official newspost here.
On a related note, if you have feedback on the Squeal of Fortune that you’d like to share with us, you can now utilise the brand-new dedicated feedback forum for all things Squeal, right here.
God Wars: Remastered
Our headline content this week was the release of the tuned-up, souped-up and altogether more visually stunning God Wars Dungeon. To see it in action, check out last week’s Behind the Scenes video on our official YouTube channel here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe when you’re done!
The Weekend Event - Fansites at God Wars!
In celebration of the aforementioned God Wars refresh, two of our dedicated fansites have come together to duke it out in a two-sided God Wars showdown. RuneZone are supporting the nefarious causes of Zamorak, while Zybez are all for the glory of Saradomin. The race is on to rack up as many kills against the opposing side’s forces as possible over the weekend, so make sure you get involved by checking out the info thread here!
Combat Beta Worlds - Weekend Access
Speaking of epic carnage, there’s more ferocious fighting to be done on the Combat Beta worlds this weekend. As always, we’re throwing the servers open to the whole community (including free-to-play players), meaning everyone can get stuck in! Don’t forget to give us your feedback by logging into the forums and visiting the feedback thread here.
Creative Writing Competition
Last but not least, we have a quick reminder about the brilliant RuneScape creative writing competition that the folks over at are running. Sweet prizes in return for some well-written words? Sounds like a plan! Get involved by reading up on the details here.
Right. That’s all we have for you this week. What on earth are you still doing here? Click on those links and start discovering!
The RuneScape Community Team

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06-Sep-2012 15:03:50

D who

D who

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Sounds good to me!
On a side-yet not so far sided- note, many of the skills I want to train have been ruined by botting. Now, as a defense pure with no need to train defense, that makes me a skiller for now. Therefore my gaming experience has been very narrow these past two-four weeks in particular.
I'd really appreciate an update on the bot-nuking day! I know that this day/event has been the reason behind the sudden increase in bots, after all, what would bot nuke day be if all the bots were banned in the months beforehand?
I just wanna know that my patience hasn't been mis-spent, thats all :)

06-Sep-2012 15:53:16

Mod Drebin

Mod Drebin

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Hey Lizter,
Glad you approve! :)
I totally hear you on the bot frustration, and I'm also really looking forward to the impending update which *will* signal the final death-knell for those cheating bot-using scoundrels. We're all fully behind the project and just like you, we're menacingly pacing around just waiting for them to get their comeuppance. Not long to wait now - all of your hard work training those skills will most definitely *NOT* be wasted and we, united as an entire community, will prevail. ;)
Enjoy the weekend's festivities in the meantime!
Mod Drebin
RuneScape Community Management

06-Sep-2012 16:01:40



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@Mod Drebin I hope there will not be a silly bonus xp thing in slayer again since getting rid of the bots is reward enough.
Also I totally wasted big chin pts on too many chin tickets. Should been buying Grenwall argh. Also fansites at God Wars lol it's already packed.
Think I'm missing the live stream though which is really sad cause it's imo the most important one. I've put questions in the thread though. Hopefully we get some cool answers from that. Also hope the new SOF forums help.
Lore forums next pls.

06-Sep-2012 16:35:56

Mod Drebin

Mod Drebin

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RE "bonus XP thing in Slayer": If you're talking about the doubles slayer competition we ran a few weeks ago, there was no bonus XP involved; it was a straight-up XP race for pairs ("doubles"). :)
RE the live stream: Don't worry if you're likely to miss the live stream event - the full thing will be available to watch any time on our official; YouTube channel very soon after it ends. I hope your question gets picked! :D
RE Lore forums: what are your ideas? Would love to hear them!

Mod Drebin

06-Sep-2012 16:43:08

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