Community Round-Up: 4/10/12

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It’s a time for remembering the deceased heroes of RuneScape this week as we celebrate the Festival of the Dead.
Festival of the Dead Events
Father Joakim isn’t the only one throwing parties and celebrations this week. There’s also a whole host of great events from the community to attend this weekend.
Missing some of the requirements to perform all of the Festival of Dead celebrations? Fear not – the questing clans of RuneScape are here to help! There will also be Prayer training workshops from some of Gielinor’s greatest adventurers, along with open player-owned houses for gilded altar training all weekend. Phew, that’s a lot of Prayer XP!
Of course, it wouldn’t be a real celebration without a JMod party to wrap it all up. Join Mod Seven in Lumbridge Graveyard on Sunday evening for fireworks, skull mask parades and much more!
Find out more here.
Halloween Examine Competition
Hallowe'en is lurking just around the corner and we’re already getting into the spirit of things with an awesome competition. Place your mark on RuneScape by submitting ‘examine’ descriptions to be used for two new characters in this year’s holiday event! Find out more and submit your entries here.
Fansite News
Last week, we mentioned RSKO’s owner, Sco Angel, visiting RuneScape HQ. Following his tour of the offices and meeting some of the team, Sco has written his thoughts on the visit. Read the article here and see how many JMods you can recognise.
Platinum-rank fansite RuneHQ has launched its official YouTube channel this week. Expect all the latest guides, tips and quest walkthroughs, and perhaps even the odd JMod appearance!
The team are going monster hunting and want you to join in. Group up, grab your gear and prepare to take down one of RuneScape’s most fierce (and rewarding!) bosses, Nex. Join the fight over on their forum thread here.
Player Fanart
It’s still unclear as to just what Zaros’s motives are, but we do know one thing – he’s one of the most powerful gods ever to have walked Gielinor. Take a peek at this great piece of Zaros-centric fanart from artist MysticDragons.

If you want to see your fanart featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at
That’s all for this edition of the Community Round-Up. Have a great week in Gielinor and we’ll see you next time!
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There's no official beta event this weekend but there will be one next week! :)
Of course, the beta will still be open to all players this weekend so why not jump in and try something anyway?

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