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Mod William

Mod William

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Halloween is on its way, and what better way to prepare than by claiming your own Evil Scarecrow Mask? Equip this creepy cosmetic item in your head slot and take on the guise of a spooky living scarecrow, sure to terrify your fellow adventurers.
Buy any 90 or 100 day RuneScape game card at any retailer – or a new, red RuneScape pre-paid card – and redeem it between 11th and 31st October (inclusive) to get hold of this horrifying headgear.
We’re releasing new, redesigned game cards this month, so the easiest way to guarantee you’ll receive the mask is to bear the following in mind:
Grabbing a new, red RuneScape Pre-Paid Card will get you the Scarecrow Mask!
Whether you’re redeeming one of our new cards or an old one, so long as it’s red you’ll receive your mask!
Please note: the offer does not apply for Ultimate Game Cards.

Game cards are available from – but not limited to – these retailers:

  • USA: Wal-Mart, GameStop, 7 Eleven*, Target, Best Buy

  • Canada: EB Games, Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, 7 Eleven, Best Buy

  • UK: Sainsbury’s, GAME, WH Smiths, ASDA

  • Australia & New Zealand: EB Games, 7 Eleven, Woolworths, Target, Australian Post

  • The Netherlands: Bart Smit

  • Rest of Europe: GameStop

*When buying a Game Card from 7 Eleven, ensure that you top up with 90 days of membership. Ask at the checkout.

Update: Some free-to-play users redeeming our newer game cards for RuneCoins or Squeal of Fortune Spins have found that they are unable to equip their Scarecrow Masks, as the item can currently only be equipped by members. We apologise for this, and would like to reassure those affected that they will be able to equip their Scarecrow Mask - or to reclaim the item from Diango if it has been lost or destroyed, by selecting the dialogue option 'Do you have anything else for me?' - from next week's content update.

For details of where to find the retailer closest to you, take a look at our store locator page.
If you’re not local to any of these, you can buy a game card online – just make sure it's a physical game cards with a scratch-off strip that is delivered to you. Online vouchers won’t bag you the mask!
Remember, this menacing mask is available for three weeks only so be sure to grab one now – it’s also a great way to top up your membership for the coming months!
Need help with the promotion? Already have a recurring subscription? Check out the Billing Help wiki page or the first post in the Billing forum's RS Game Card thread!
You can also find answers to commonly-asked questions here, in our dedicated FAQ.
The RuneScape Team

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Blood Animus

Blood Animus

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Alright, so you release this info almost 1/2 into the month. I just bought a 3-month game card 3 days ago. I want this mask too, because I am not buying another one. You should come out with this at the beginning of the month, not 10 days in. Just saying, I already pay for the game, with cards too, because my card is rejected when it's accepted on Amazon and FFXIV Online. So I'm actually paying an extra $3 for each month, on top of gas getting to a Gamestop to buy a card. Which I'm also rather unhappy about.

11-Oct-2012 18:17:57

Mod Drebin

Mod Drebin

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Hi RlP Shadow,
Sorry to hear you feel disappointed - I do understand your concern and I will pass on the feedback.
I know this isn't an ideal solution, but don't forget that you can still purchase the gamecard and apply it to your account to still receive the item. The additional membership credit will stack on top of whatever you have presently, which you'll hopefully still have use for when the time comes to renew anyway.
All the best,
Mod Drebin
RuneScape Community Management

11-Oct-2012 18:43:10

Ryan West

Ryan West

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If i pay with a monthly recurring membership, is it possible to use a card, and not be drafted for the next 90 days? Or do i need to cancel my recurring membership and then buy a card? Thanks for the help

11-Oct-2012 18:45:50

EL Brown

EL Brown

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This actually got on my nerves..
So we've come to the point where we now have to pay for holiday items? Doesn't that get rid of the whole point?
What happened to the days where there was a week of festivities and a little mini game.. Year after year Jagex tries something new, First untradeable and unobtainable items, Now we're going to have to start paying too be apart of festival holidays.
Uncool, guys.

11-Oct-2012 18:48:41

War tortoise
Sep Gold Premier Club Member 2011

War tortoise

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their not really holiday items because they don't go into the toy chest.
Huge fail for not having a picture of the mask to show us though.
EDIT: nvm the 2nd part looks like jmod is wearing said mask.
*~War Tortoise

11-Oct-2012 18:53:23 - Last edited on 11-Oct-2012 18:55:22 by War tortoise

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