Community Round-Up: 25/10/2012

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The sun is setting in Gielinor and all that’s evil is coming out to play. Halloween in RuneScape kicks off with Haunted Houses, alongside a whole host of spooky fansite-led events and - of course - much more!
Haunted Houses
The ongoing battle between Team Righteous and Team Heinous is heating up. Ghosts have been unleashed upon Gielinor and now both Mod Mike and Mod Sabre need your support now more than ever. Help them to banish these aberrations and swing the battle in your chosen Mod's favour.

Ghost Hunting Event
Scared of ghosts? Fear not, for ghost hunting parties will be grouping together to bust some ghosts and save the cities of Varrock and Falador from an impending disaster - or maybe to cause one! Find out more about the ghost-hunting groups here.
Freaky fansite events
The fiendish folks at RuneSlayer have updated their website with a particularly evil look to show their support for Team Heinous. They’ve even thrown in a few competitions and events, so why not go check it out and show your support for Mod Sabre and his heinous deeds?
RuneZone DJ Queen Anita is throwing a Halloween party in her player-owned house this week and it’s shaping up to be a monster mash you won’t want to miss out on! You can find out more about the bash here.
There’s little more frightening than the thought of having your RuneScape account hijacked, so it’s with great pleasure that we present to you Tip.It’s Jagex Account Guardian tips for securing your account!
JMods invade Twitter
You’re probably already following RuneScape on Twitter but what you might not have noticed is the recent incursion of JMods! Whether you’re after Instagrams of their coffee or sneaky office mugshots, the RuneScape team have you covered on their personal JMod Twitter profiles! A special shout-out goes out to Cherrycake4 who has created some awesome anime-esque avatars for the team.
Reddit A(a)MA
Don’t forget that Mod Sushi Pi from the RuneScape Community Management team will be hopping onto Reddit this evening at 8pm (BST) to take part in our first official Ask Me (almost) Anything so be sure to send in any questions you may have about the future of the RuneScape community!
Player Fan Art
This week’s fan art submission comes from RuneScape artist Fugaz-Star who seems to have spotted some penguin spies blending in at the haunting Draynor Manor!

If you want to see your RuneScape fan art featured in the Community Round-Up then send it to us via email at
That’s all for this week’s spooky edition of the Community Round-Up. Don’t forget to jump in-game and pledge your allegiance to either Team Righteous or Team Heinous!
The RuneScape Community Team

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Looking good. I'll be keeping up with the AM(a)A tonight :)
The thing that confuses me is that the views of Player Support and Community Management aren't always consistent, yet both teams are a part of the same company O_o I was told that the methods suggested for account security in the guide you've just approved shouldn't be used (you can check my message inbox if you wanna see for yourself. I was gonna attempt a similar thing before, but was recommended not to). However, the CM team have approved of it...
I've also noticed another similar conflict with account security advice between Player Support and the community team. The community team recommends that you change your pass every now and then, yet Player Support suggests that you don't need to do this. It says this in the Basic Account Security guide in the RS Wiki
"If you adhere to all the points above, then you should never need to change your ********. Good ******** security is about having a ******** which no one can guess and no one will ever know what it is."

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