Redeemed bonds for black fri

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Okay I'm a little bit heated.

Earlier today (its only 5pm for me atm) i was looking at the black friday sales after takign a very long break from runescape. I saw the dark lord outfit for about 115 RC so I haaaad to get that. So i bought some RC with credit card cuz not that expensive. I saw the Fire drake for a really good deal at under 500 RC.. but i didn't wanna shell out any more money atm cuz im actually sorta tight on cash. But a few hours later i remembered that i can used gold to buy bonds to redeem for RC so i raced over to the ge to get bonds and redeem them.

I then hopped out to the lobby, clicked on the black Friday sale advert like i had before.. and what do ya know.. no more fire drake sale. UM... DUDE. this sucks. Just spent 34mil on RC that i don't have anything I want to spend them on. ugh.

I didn't need this to hinder me from enjoying this game again. I want rs to be my obsession again. But little things like this keep adding up and just suck all my happiness out of the game. Maybe it's just not meant to be. Probably let my bond run out and take another year off, sigh.

UGH, Jagex.. what about Cyber Monday Sales?

An old broke member who has gotten very grumpy.

28-Nov-2016 01:34:23

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You have to rememeber that Jagex is a company based in the UK so their sale [which had been announced with times on the homepage] runs on that schedule.

I hope you stay because runescape is a lot of fun, and the fire drake is pretty cool, but so are a lot of other cool stuff!

December will have some rc specials as well.

Definitely stick around :)
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28-Nov-2016 03:17:21

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Jamandy52 said:
so their sale [which had been announced with times on the homepage])

This is wrong. The start and end time for the Black Friday SGS sale was not announced anywhere. In fact, the only place it was mentioned was in the November BTS at the start of the month, as a casual off-hand statement.

If you were thinking about the announcement for the Merch Store sale, then this ought to still be on at the time of this post (according to the news post it lasts until Tuesday 29th November at 08:00 UTC).

I'm in the same boat as OP, but my mistake was believing that the SGS sale would last as long as the merch store sale. Honestly, I'm quite fucking pissed off at Jagex for not replying to me when I asked when the sale would end, on both Twitter and Facebook. (If you're not a grovelling celebrity player on social media, they essentially ignore you.) I never bothered asking here because MTX JMods never frequent the SGS forum, much less over a weekend.

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