Add a face slot?

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I support this suggestion ^_^

I don't see this thread under my profile, however I did give mention to it. haha.

Bigbear Claw said:
^_^ :O
Brief rundown and extra tidbits- I'm suggesting some western and eastern outfits some more modern than others- but not drastically out of the runescape time loop/scene/era.
Something new I'd like for the outfits to usher into SGS in gerenal new releases- two re-color blocks(so like body/trims). Maybe the folks rallying for what they call a "Face Slot" will have success- I'd like more variation in that area too.

Many of the first and second wave Loyalty outfits feature unique facial, hair and head-wear aspects, that at the time was a bit of cutting edge stuff. Being able to have a Pharaoh's bound beard or Highland/brave heart war-paint, to be utilized with other aspects would be great, instead of how they and many like it are fused to respective head-wear and hair fixed to the head slot.

The quote is from a thread I have suggesting a new wave of high priced Cultural Themed Loyalty outfits.
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14-Sep-2016 02:14:12

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So you need a step by step guide to do this huh? Well this is an approximation, I am no programmer but I am all about figuring out ways to get around such problems.

Take the male and female base models. Yes with the skin ect if it as just are skeletons.. Now the game normally looks for just 2. Male and female. Now as a step towards a test create "clones", stamp ascending numbers (hexadecimal?) on their foreheads if you have too!

The trickiest part will probably be how the coding relates to the male and female base avatars in the normal course of things and that will determine how to go about slotting them in. But normally such things have an ID and here we just need for figure out how to jam in an ID change, sat it says Male Female for each of the 2 original avatars. Would it then be possible to add some coding to add an extra to that ID. Even if it is just a hexadecimal addition to the names?

If that can be done then the "Face/body slot" Part of that ID becomes that addition with the new base name being "None" option which would now be the base model name. Obviously the interface part will probably tricky and getting it to switch and not glitch may be hard. But I was thinking that maybe you need that part of it to be..a little different from how the rest of ti works?

I'm sure that cosmetics normally work by placing them over the original avatar, but here I think something for more basic may be required. That may limit how much can be done with the cosmetics side of things, but I would hope that would allow at least something to be done.
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06-Mar-2017 06:59:10

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Please make this happen. Having more options to customise our appearance and make unique outfit combinations is a win-win. More Solomon sales for jagex, more personal looks for us players. Everybody profits!

Helmets with face covers. Hats with sunglasses. Hats with smoking pipes and maybe a monocle. The combinations are numerous.

27-Apr-2017 11:46:47

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