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I have seen runescape change for the better over the years. Fulfilling my wish to be the demon lord I wish to be....but....there are a few things missing from my true form. Where are my horns?....chin horns? Where is my tail! O_o

I purchased the red dragon override...saddened to see the tail is attached to the pants and not a separate item like the King Black Dragon....and the nex tail...well isn't MY TAIL, it is too feathery.

I am pretty sure others are wanting to be the demons they have always wanted to be. In all seriousness....Horns (kinda like the ones a few years back) and some Demon type tails would be my dream come true!...among many others.

Runelabs link:Support here!

I would pay mounds of money for tail/horn packs. Fully custom color-able as well. ;)
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I was always disappointed that horns were only available from TH/ SOF.

Horn/ tail bundles are a great idea, or just as separate items.

While I know feather tails won't work for you as a demon, there are a group of RS players who want a recolorable feathery tail so they can wear it with their skyguard outfit items.

So it wouldn't hurt to make a recolorable feathery tail too.


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