Keepsake Keys.

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Assuming this was recent.

It was not so long ago that you could purchase a single keepsake key for a certain amount of loyalty points (i forgot how many.) But i tried just now and the option is no longer available :|

Why was it changed, i thought this was reasonable?

18-Jun-2016 00:35:59

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Discussion of Solomon's Store is best held within the Solomon's General Store forum, so this thread has been relocated there (along with the fact that this change isn't really one that can be considered recent to the game, as recent game updates usually are updates released within the past 2 weeks).

18-Jun-2016 03:44:14

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Draco Burnz said:
Pippyspot said:
It's a shame it was changed, but ah well

Not really as 90% of ppl from what ive heard only used lp on auras. So what was the point if ppl never bought them...

Some people already have every *useful* aura and probably have had for years, making keepsake keys the only real use for loyalty points.

I was hoping it was a mistake or something, but oh well though i guess, thanks for the explanation anyway :P

18-Jun-2016 07:20:59

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personally I was disappointed when this was changed to, I have never found the auras useful at all so I have never really used or brought any more since nor am I to fussed about emotes / titles...

For me, the single keepsake key was probably the only thing in the shop that I would constantly buy with loyalty points when needed and yes I have brought some 6 key packs to on both this and my ironman account as well. But with its removal of keepssake keys for loyalty points, there's not much earls I want to buy with loyalty points so I guess my points now are just going build up into a useless pile of credits :\

jagex has said in the past that the idea loyalty points were to reword long term members but the loyalty shop items most of the items are half @s$ed junk that no one would buy for cash and is and its stunts like this further removing useful items from loyalty points that makes me wonder... Why even bother with the loyalty shop in the first place then.

On a side note, I for one would like more retro themed overrides but not every one can get what they want...

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LuketheGreat said:
How do i use keep sake keys lmao .. i have 6 of them but since they are like virtual now i dont kmow how to use them

In your wardrobe interface, go to you keepsake tab and scroll down to the bottom. Then, simply drag an item you want to keepsake into the keepsake slot. Hope this helps. =)

11-Jun-2017 01:20:18

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