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1. Fixes for broken / glitchy items (Shadow cat legs, etc).
2. The different armours are all made to different specs, which is fine for when you’re wearing a set. But if you start combining different tops and bottoms your often left with a visible gap. I shouldn’t be seeing the scenery through my stomach. :P
• Add a belt slot
• Have an Armor stretching mechanic
• Have characters show their midriff.

New Armour/Outfits
1. Barrows brothers before corruption sets.
2. Seraph outfit
3. Aetherium armour - since it’s no longer a part of the mining smithing rework could we please add it in some way? All the teaser artwork armours to be fair, they all looked good.
4. On that note the thief Armour in the artwork shown for the Menaphos update.
5. Armour / clothing based off of famous Rs characters, we’ve already got Nomad why not add some more, like Zilyana, Kamiee, etc?
6. Something like what you see in Granblue fantasy or the BBC’s Musketeers, I’m not saying just straight up steal from those shows, but maybe take some inspiration? They have some seriously stylish attire.
7. Some new Unique God clothing. Different for each faction, not re-skins of the same general idea.

1. Aangha / Peryton - amazing mythical hybrid creatures.
2. Fat Yak - A Chubby yet cute Pack Yak.

1. Giraffe “mount” - like the terror bird & reindeer.
2. More hairstyles
3. Foot step effects - if you can get these working I’d still very much like to see them.
4. General effects - Asfaik there’s only gazes and snowstorm, so some new general effects would be nice.
5. Some more Banners for the wing slot, one for each god in the style of the bird and the beast ones, but shrunk to fit the character model.

14-Jan-2019 15:10:10

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Hairstyles. Give me more hairstyles, more frequently.

One such hairstyle I want would be something similar (or even identical to) Violet's hairstyle. The NPC from Violet is Blue.

16-Jan-2019 22:10:42

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i would like to see single pieces for sale. what i mean is like different style of tops, pants, skirts, hats , etc that we can mix and match as we like. usually i like the bottom of 1 outfit and the top of another and the hat of another but i don't always have the coins to buy all of them to get the combination i want so i dont buy any. :(
i would also like to see more hi-heeled shoes/boots and new hairstyes

17-Jan-2019 00:41:17

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the Moonclan walking animation,
where you float more gracefully. I know we have the Revenant Walk, but it's very angry.
It could come with the whole Moonclan Outfit, including Pauline's amazing moon headband.
Instead of gloves, you could add tiny sparkling stars falling form player's hands.

I agree we need more hairstyles!
At first, maybe you could separate new hairstyles that come with permanent headwear, such as the Nautilus Crown.

... and my personal favourites! :)
Kamil/Fareed cape and Kamil/Fareed weapons!

19-Jan-2019 16:24:04

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There could be a return option that gives back 15% of RuneCoins.

Keepsake slots can't be dragged around to switch the order. (Less revenue though)

On the Website, a sort by "Not Owned" category to make it easier to buy.

19-Jan-2019 17:27:23

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Here are some other ideas I have:

New Shadow outfits.

I am a fan of shadow costumes but instead of returning old ones let's make some new ones.

Shadow Nomad- just the costume and staff- Shades of black and grey with Red center stones instead of off pink.

Shadow Nex: Make the body colors black and grey and have the armor be a brass color instead of silver. Also just use the attuned version.

Shadow KBD: Make the dragon skin white like a ghost dragon with the armor being black, grey and red.

I also support shadow pets:

Shadow Skypouncer, Shadow Inari, shadow reindeer

New costumes:

Menaphos inspired costumes or costume

Zaryte/ Nihil Costume

I really wish we had a ice king/ queen costume to go with the iceicle crown.

Normal clothing costumes like country dress with a apron and for men country clothes with a vest.

Thank you!


20-Jan-2019 01:36:43

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Niyah said:
Hairstyles. Give me more hairstyles, more frequently.

One such hairstyle I want would be something similar (or even identical to) Violet's hairstyle. The NPC from Violet is Blue.

I am in favour of this too. We need more variation in hairstyles.

26-Jan-2019 06:15:15

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Forgot to add a request: New skin colors and patterns that are unlocked by makeover mage.

1.) Buying the exiting skin colors in the store is still unpopular because when you change it you lose your skin color and have to re-buy it.

2.) Besides just new colors I encourage you to make new skins that have patterns, textures or tattoos.

For players who like to be dragonkin (drakewing costume) or avianeese (skyguard costume) We have to wear skin covering cosmetics otherwise our existing skin color clashes with the feathery/ scaly texture of the overrides. Making a matching scaly or feathery skin texture will greatly open up what we can wear when wanting to be a different race while still looking good and not breaking imersion.

For example:

Tattooed skin: Skin can be changed to any available color but tattoos remain the same color and pattern. Appears on arms, legs, chest and will show on different clothing and armor options.

feathery skin- matches the colors and textures of the skyguard costume- gives your body skin a feathery look (flat though, puffiness would cause clipping issues) so you can wear any clothing or armor with skyguard mask to look more like a avianeese, consider including a matching feathery tail.

scaly skin- matches of the color of the drakewing/ or duskwing skin- and has a scaly texture. So when you wear the drakewing mask you can use this skin to look like a dragon race with any clothing or armor options. Consider including a dragon tail to match the skin.

Demonic skin- could be recolorable with some glowing marks or tattoos, or with some cracked skin patterns. A lot of flexibility to the design. Consider including a demonic tail.


29-Jan-2019 15:05:36

Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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- More magic-related stuff (outfits that look very ethereal; stuff like the Blessed Sentinel, Starfury/Sunfury, etc)

- Outfits made for general adventuring (think: hiker outfit), something that makes the player look appropriate when they go out adventuring

- More royal/regal/noble outfits

- PLEASE no more retro overrides. They really are an eyesore in the modern game.
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Surgical Mask - You need a doctor.
Half-face Mask - Patterned half-face mask.
Beret - Yes Sir.
Balaclava - Who?
Biker Helmet - Did you bring protection?

Bare Hands - Melee/Magic 2H/Dual-wield overrides.
Visible aura on hands - Magic 2H/Dual-wield override.
Compound Bow - MODERN compound bows.
Rifle - Old rifle modles e.g. M1 Garand, Single barrel shotguns.
Guitar - Melee 2H.

T Shirts - Plain/Graphic Tees.

Rings - VISIBLE rings.
Watches - When?

Field Pack - Tactical field packs.
Utility Belt - Do they come in black?

P.S. Designs should be as plain as what they ought to look like. No fantasies.

02-Feb-2019 05:10:16

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