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Hey all,

This was posted in the Christmas chat lounge, but thought it'd be worth a re-post for those who may not have seen it.

The Drakewing and Deathless Regent outfits are both free in Solomon's Store for one week. Go grab them if you haven't yet!

Original quote:

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So you guys are aware, in regards to the day 2 prize change:

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Hey guys,

Obviously this isn't the best situation to be in. Whilst I don't want to talk on Kalaya's behalf, I know that it was an honest mistake, which happens from time to time.

That being said I can also understand that those of you who entered may feel a little put off by the prize you thought would be offered being withdrawn, especially after spending time on an entry.

As Kalaya has already said, it's not exactly feasible to just dish out that amount of RC to players, not to mention the amount of work that would entail on a manual basis. However, what I will do is arrange it so that the Drakewing Outfit and the Deathless Regent outfit will be made free for a week in Solomon's Store, starting tomorrow. This will be available to everyone.

Hopefully that helps, and I also hope you take part in the rest of Sliske's competitions. :)
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Got it :P

Thanks green for telling me :)
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Free players can get them as well =)

Also be sure to pick up your KGP Teleport and Terrorbird Reindeer there if you haven't already.
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I'm glad I hadn't bought either yet, but unfortunately, this is only a part of the problem solved; they pretty much always deliver digital content like this, can't say the same about real-life stuff though! > ) The Runescape Witcher
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