New Shadow Themed Pet!

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As we currently already have a flying shadow styled pet and also a land walking shadow pet I suggest that Jagex should create a new shadow themed pet! But this time it should be related with water and that could be a Shadow Crocodile! Of course there are many better water animals, but it wouldn't make sense to nominate them as they cannot survive on land, nor walk normally with their own feet.

By the way, the examines of this pet could be those:

Still learning to swim. (Baby version)

Full of attitude, but still nothing more than a reptile. (Adolescent version, although this examine kinda sucks and could be changed in the process)

A legendary Shadow Crocodile with a deadly jaws/tail. (Adult version)

P.S. I think this idea would be great as we never had a crocodile pet before and as crocodiles are usually green it really makes it perfect for being shadow styled. Also, the simple version of this pet could be called Swamp Crocodile.
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