Replica Elemental Staves

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So I was thinking back in the days when the elemental staves looked like they do in OSRS. I really liked that look of those staves. I was wondering if perhaps replica versions of those staves could be made available on SGS. There are already a few replica overrides for sale on SGS so what do people thing of this? Replica Elemental Staves

13-Aug-2018 17:33:43

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I would imagine this would be easy to implement.
The Magic Staff still uses the old staff model.
So they'd just have to re-color the orb, the model is already in-game.

13-Aug-2018 20:15:54

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It'll be pretty easy to do; all they have to do is take the magic staff model that already exists and make the orb recolorable, so support Roses are grey, violets are grey, I'm in Pompeii, I'm lost.

02-Sep-2018 19:41:23

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