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Bloom Prima

Bloom Prima

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full support!

I want more feminine outfits, like lolita fashion, like the Glad Tidings bottoms.

more outfits like Cabaret except less sexualized, and please Jagex, can I have my character wear a simple dress with a bow that isn't massively overcomplicated?
Bloom Prima ~ the Melodious Choir

14-Aug-2016 15:56:19



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I am probably one of the few female players to say no. My reason is pretty simple: every game I ever played that catered to ''feminine'' outfits made them pretty revealing and overly feminine. A cute dress with rosebuds sounds awesome but I am against all innuendo/sexually provocative clothing. I applaud Jagex for not having fallen into the ''boobs = ez money'' trap.
So yes I would rather have no femine clothes to pick than once again all that half naked bs. It is just incredibly unoriginal and derogatory.
Remove TH, and put stuff from TH to Solomon's store as guarantees. No disappointment to the average player who only uses free keys which yield trash, and those who do buy into MTX can have a clear idea what the thing they want is going to cost them.

10-Feb-2017 11:05:07

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I love the idea of particles for all genders! Fairy dust, flames, wind, leaves, rainbow sparkles, flower petals, snow, hearts + more! This could probably be attached onto the cape slot?

Full support for PLEATED SKIRTS or any cute skirt deign!

FLOWER CROWNS (variety of colours/flowers) - WE NEED THIS!

CHOKERS- We currently only have the cabaret set for this.

Thigh high and knee high booties.

Knee high socks ? :)

I am also a fan of a school girl outfit :P


Cute little dresses - possibly latex style as well.

Pants (black) with mesh details

SUCKER PUNCH (movie) - inspired outfits.

Themes: Candy land, Alice in Wonderland, Disney Princesses, flowers, glitter, My Little Pony (suggested by another poster), anime, sucker punch, school girl !!

Rainbow Skye said:

RUNESCAPE CHEERLEADER- I sooo want a cheerleader skirt, v neck sweatervest with RS on it, tennis shoes with bobby socks, big bow for hair- main color true white, accent color of choice. Guys could rock the male cheerleader version! What a great 15 anniversary celebration outfit!!


Please Jagex! Honestly majority of the outfits available are masculine focused... pretty please :)

16-Nov-2017 00:02:11

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