outfits using only loyalty poi

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why haven't there been any new cute outfits to buy just using loyalty points? there hasn't been anything new/cute available for just using loyalty points in a long long time.
for example. kinda cute outfit available using loyalty points "samba/gothic"
while using just using rc has such cute outfits like: "gossamer/satyr"-these are way better than the samba and gothic!
aren't they called LOYALTY points for a reason?
yes, I know. money. but we also pay membership to (full) play. hence loyalty points
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Main reason, they aren't making money on LP items.

We will probably never get another LP outfit unless it is a contest similar to Frostwalker and Glad Tidings, as well as the Zenn pet. All of these were fan made from contests and were also the last LP items other than Auras.

So I don't see us getting anymore.

I do support this and Soloman's getting more outfits in general, but I just don't see the LP thing happening any time soon.

Since they are 'going to stop' with all the xp things on TH, we will probably start seeing more stuff on SGS soon.

I would also really love to see the Ice King and Ice Queen set come out now since we have Ice based items.

Serene Steel said:
Some people have millions of points saved up apparently.

Maybe not millions, but a lot of people don't buy auras. Hell I forget about auras and never even use.

I have bought every single LP outfit other than Retro Outfits that I could because I have so much saved up. And if we don't get anything soon, it will quickly get to over 200k.
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I have around 1.2 million currently, iirc. Really don't know what to do with them. I could get auras I suppose, I only ever got like a couple.

I really don't expect to see anything new for loyalty, and if we do get something, it will likely be garbage. Turns out our loyalty didn't really mean that much to them, after all.

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