is solomon store dead?

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wanted to ask what happened to the solomon store?
because the newest release is still that jungle gorilla and privating suit
wich are releases from months ago

18-Jun-2017 10:41:25



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Dong U Dead said:
I always thought that gorilla one was for a short time only!

Only the corrupted/shadow jungle gorilla was for a limited time. The regular one will always be there until removed when it is updated. This is the same way with the Flame Drake and Shadow Drake.

As for is it dead, no it isn't. Nothing just hasn't come out in a while. We had a Defender Cape that went with the last community event back in April, but it was only limited time and they removed it.

They are probably working on the new Rare Items on TH and Rare Token Store that we are getting soon. The same team was also over the Spring Fayre.
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Kelly Br00k

Kelly Br00k

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I agree; Solomon's store has been left to rot for quite some time now and definitely needs something new, or at least a sale to cater for people to maybe purchase something.

If nothing new is planned anytime soon, I'd fully support a re-release of old stuff, something which will likely never happen because way too many people overvalue exclusivity that wasn't ever exactly guaranteed in the first place. :|

Furthermore, it seems Jagex are focusing way too much on Treasure Hunter these past few months, so perhaps that's also part of the reason Solomon's releases have slowed down. :(

21-Jun-2017 12:55:56

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well im sure the gp they make from solomons is way down. Sure they have the little 2 week events you can puchase with runecoins but I am not purchasing something i can get for free.

When solomons has something i like I buy for up to 3 accounts.

They loose out on gp when all they got to do is add something here and there.
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21-Jun-2017 13:36:52

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