black friday aura deals?

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now i hear theres black friday deals ON AURAS coming up firstly i would like to know when they start and finish now the most logical and obvious answer would be friday-monday however i'm not sure and i just wanted to know if someone knew for certain and secondly i would like to know which auras will be on sale so i can judge which 1s to get?

please understand it is the auras im asking about percifically.

many thanks.

21-Nov-2018 13:31:38

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There was mention of a Black Friday Sale in the Month Ahead - November news post, but no details or particulars were given beyond:
Black Friday Sales

It's nearly that time of year again. A fantastic week of sales is on the way for Black Friday, with as much as 75% off some items and new offers every day, plus a rollicking two-day mega sale to cap it all off."

We might have to wait until Friday arrives to find out what will be on sale.

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22-Nov-2018 01:48:40

Mel Kazul
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I'm guessing we have to wait until around 9 AM game time for the sale to start.

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23-Nov-2018 02:29:32

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