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Two fantastic offers arrive in Solomon’s Store today, one offering spooky treats with select bundles of RuneCoins, the other giving you the chance to set sail like a true privateer. Check them out!

Get Spider Items with your RuneCoins this October

October is pretty spooky, right? Well we certainly think so.

To celebrate, you can get your hands on up to three creeptastic spider items when you pick up certain bundles of RuneCoins between 00:00 UTC on 17th October and 23:59 UTC on 31st October.

All you have to do is make a purchase of one or more of the following RuneCoin packs from either our website or the RuneCoin section of Solomon’s Store to automatically receive the respective spider items for free!

Buying 420 RuneCoins will get you the awesome equipable spider parasol which has a cool idling animation.

Choosing the 900 RuneCoins option will land you the spider parasol and a nifty spider outfit that has a unique teleport override.

Spider Teleport

Going for the 2400 RuneCoin pack will get you the spider parasol, spider outfit and the ultimate Halloween buddy, Incy the spider pet.

Spider Collection

Please note that third-party purchases (game cards etc.) are not a part of this promotion. Also bear in mind that the items will only come when you purchase the bundles as stipulated above. For example, buying the 420 RuneCoin bundle three times will not get you the 900 RuneCoin spider items, even though you would have amassed more than 900 RuneCoins in total. For additional information, please check the support article.

We hope you enjoy the chance to add a little Halloween gloom to your character this October!

Privateer Outfit & Weapon Packs

Ahoy there! Set sail for Solomon’s Store to get your hands on a swashbuckling privateer outfit, complete with a ship-shape teleport animation.

Privateer Teleport

There are also weapon overrides too, giving you a pirate-y repeater crossbow, magical serpent sceptre and, of course, trusty cutlass.

Privateer Collection

The RuneScape Team

17-Oct-2016 11:30:58



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Why not make the spider stuff Solomon store item... since it is close to Halloween? I don't wanna buy runecoins just to get it, I wont even use the runecoins lol..

17-Oct-2016 11:51:10 - Last edited on 17-Oct-2016 11:51:43 by Orcas

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Would really prefer to just purchase the spider bundle instead of getting it free for buying 2400 Runecoins...

Will it be out for sale after the "free" event?

17-Oct-2016 11:56:15 - Last edited on 17-Oct-2016 11:56:42 by NeonX

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