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Lego Miester
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Lego Miester

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Starting out on OSRS finally caving to all the new content that's been released at manageable levels (I'm probably never doing ring of blood but I can do some of these kourend novice quests...) I've already noticed two amazing shortcuts by complete accident:

-shift-clicking on things in your inventory after toggling something in settings lets you drop them. Amazing!!

-clicking one compost on one saltpetre, then clicking one compost on itself will still make another fertiliser, so I can just spam my mouse on one spot. Does this work with all things that lack do-x? My wrists are (slightly) saved!

So I've come to ask: what other QOL features should I know about? The more they save my time and wrists, the better.

(on another note: current focus is Kourend rep. Working off guides, but anything I should know about that wouldn't hurt. Arch Alliance started, one maxed 3 to go ATM)
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