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I think the main reason GE won the vote was there could be a controlled cost on items. I actually like the fact you see a GE value of the item in the trade screen. Another is pre-GE, before GE value on trade screen, people could scam items.

19-Jan-2019 18:52:16

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0neness said:
XIRang3mag3I said:
Nah man. No one except 20 people want it, it's not sustainable and it isn't practical or easy to implement. People will get bored after 2 months of it and it'll be dead content. Learn to play osrs or move on. I don't suggest doing so but there are private servers which have the content you want. Use at own risk. I love to say this, it will never ever pass and its laughable that you select few are so salty that you'd want dead content. Jagex should fix existing content such as resource drops, making skilling great again and balancing pvm rares.

Sincerely, an OSRS vet since 04.

I think you are generalising too much.
Nah mate I just know this is a fact. It's always the same 5 people asking for vanilla osrs servers. It's not going to pass it's a waste of jagex's time and it isn't sustainable. I don't know why the Fmods aren't closing these topics anymore because it's just spam.

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Honestly if Jagex could just tell us how many people we needed to sign up for it before it would happen and have it advertised in game so people know about it. You might be surprised how many people are interested.

20-Jan-2019 05:38:53

Lego Miester
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"Many people" is under 25% of the OSRS community, apparently.

Pre-GE sucked eggs. OSRS's release proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Convincing the "no changes" crowd easily with a massive majority.

There is nothing fun about getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at age 10 spamming text in a crowded market desperately trying to sell something.

You might as well be here saying "many people" want RS classic back. No, no they don't. There was like 10 legitimate players on each of the three servers.

23:12 I always think back to this inthelittlewood video when the topic comes up. Behold, "old trading."
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