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The FE Chef
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The FE Chef

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It is kind of scary viewing the numbers around 'account security' (general). In this day and age account security is simple to do for the complexity it provides. In these days and age it is crucial to have your account set up properly.

16-Dec-2018 20:16:02



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Hey guys I had a level 42 account and I downloaded old RuneScape all my stats are gone can you help me out. I'm now level 1 with my Gmail Google play userne as my character load out. Help please.

18-Dec-2018 22:38:02

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103.000 bots perm banned on OSRS in a WEEK. Those numbers! O_o :O

Keep it up! I love the bot killing stream you guys have done in the past (of course it's done for entertainment and it's not the actual way you guys kill off bots, though would be funny).
Vintage player of runescape since 2003.

23-Dec-2018 17:35:54

T 4 N K E Dz

T 4 N K E Dz

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I was checking my account and some old emails from jagex, I was verifying that I received an email before being banned, saying that I had received an infraction, and I ALWAYS said that you banned me unfairly and that I did not commit the infraction they say.

I was banned on 06/28/2017 and checking my emails, I received a FAKE email on 06/14/2018 with the same email from jagex saying that I had been banned, with a URL to verify my account and I ended up putting my login and password. Remembering that I did not enter my account after receiving the email that was banned.

After this email was spent 11 days, and I was banned saying it was USING macro.

I have photos of emails, dates, and so on.

Please, you could verify for real, because I am saying again that I was wrongly banned for more than 1 year.

I'm waiting for a response to the height.

Sorry for my english, because I'm using a translator.

First Evidence

Second Evidence

Three Evidence

Best regards

27-Dec-2018 16:49:23



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Hi Tonibbz here,

New player been playing passively past week got to level 47 combat, Problem is im trying to do waterfall quest but have to idea how to get to the location as blocked off by a river. Any help please?

Thanks in advance.

Btw tried guides - dont show to get to the location.

28-Dec-2018 09:06:11

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