Zulruh bug?

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So im doing zulruh. Im have been learning it for a couple weeks now and its going pretty well. I came back to it today after a few days and something seems off. Im not sure if the words "rotation 1 phase 3" mean to jagex what they mean to me but, when i start zulrah and it does range, then melee, it always does a mage phase 3rd. Out of no where during rotation 1 the mage phase has been shooting its ranged attack at me and idk why. Is this a bug? Am i just missing something? but from my understanding its not a Jad phase, and its in its blue form, so it should be magic attacks...

09-Feb-2019 05:29:37

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There's 4 rotations lol. Blue snake can use mage and range randomly.

Also, there's 2 rotations that start with range - melee -
They can either go into mage, or back to range. 2 separate rotations.

09-Feb-2019 05:36:52

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Yeah, mage phase can still shoot ranged attacks randomly, but if you're having trouble with that, you can actually fairly easily block mage phases in all rotations except the last one (where it goes to mage phase after start phase). Just stand behind one of the pillars, might be useful if you're going into a mage phase next and you're low on health already, rather than eating and tanking more hits at the same time.
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