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From the Old, Old School Runescape.

The first ever RuneScape-related video uploaded on YouTube,
- "the red cape masacre" - misspelled "massacre" in the title

Uploaded on August 8, 2005

The video uploader has a comment posted 13 years ago, before YouTube was well-known, that states
- "finally i found a host that my video actully works"
Twitter - @OSRSbeatRS3
- OSRS has MORE THAN QUADRUPLE the RS3 players and an 80%+ total majority
Source - Misplaceditems - Runescape Avg Pop by Q*r Hr

OSRS is the REAL RuneScape and always was. No wonder EOC official video has over 80% dislikes on YT.

28-Dec-2018 21:40:59

Mr Relliks
Dec Member 2018

Mr Relliks

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For me, the best runescape vids are the ones i remember from when i first started playing ... the Oldschool Runescape Music videos were brilliant.

Some of the the angles people got and the custom animations they made were top notch especially for the era of video creation.

back before things like Youtube could be a full time job. Loved it!

05-Jan-2019 11:57:45

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Hey all!

This is being unstickied for the time being as it's not really popping off like I'd hoped, and doesn't really warrant the glue right now.

Definitely willing to reassess the sticky in the future though, so get those raw hot fire OSRS videos pouring in ;)

24-Jan-2019 01:08:12

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