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I love that this is VERY detailed so the new players have a better chance of not falling for any scams and losing their hard earned gold & equipment. I mostly tell people if it seems to good to be true it usually is lol and to just ask an experienced player before doing anything odd, i remember getting scammed several times back in 2004 when i started playing and was a little bit naive xD but we all learned from those mistakes and now i just try to help others not have to make the same ones! Great post


31-Jan-2019 02:40:49

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PSA - looks like there is a scam Twitch account masquerading as the official OSRS account with a phishing link claiming to enable double xp on your account. The account's name is "oldschpoirs". Do not click the link in the description or enter your account details into this site!

It's also the most viewed channel for OSRS at the moment, which is concerning.

02-Feb-2019 05:17:45

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