Winter CC Social/PvM v2

Quick find code: 320-321-199-66057969

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Xan man Dan
Mar Member 2019

Xan man Dan

Posts: 45Bronze Posts by user Forum Profile RuneMetrics Profile
Combat Level:122
Total Level:1779
Highest Skill:str att hp def range
Previous Clan please include the name & Why you left them: fitcc no one really bossed
Are you a returning player/new player:returning been playing for a month again
Timezone:central usa
Are you willing to be active in Discord: yes
How did you hear about Winter CC? (If a member invited you just put the RSN): forums
Why do you want to join us? pvm friends
What are you mainly looking for in this clan? (Social/PvM/PvP): pvm
Do you agree to all Winter CC’s Rules and Jagex’s: yes
Do you have any questions about our rules:no
Your Discord ID (It is case sensitive):Dan af#5121
Have you added the RSN "Winter CC" to your friends list?:yes

24-Apr-2019 06:23:51

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