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Midas PvM

Midas PvM

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Midas PvM

Hello and welcome!. Founded in January 2017 Midas PvM is a prestigious clan that focuses on the oppuritunity that PvM'n provides for players to stock pile wealth and grow their bank. If you think you have what it takes and want to make a name for yourself, then we invite you to apply and join our clan. Just be warned not everyone has what it takes!

Clan Admins:
The Savior, Zmv, Glod, Tprj
Clan Chat:
Midas PvM
Home World: 376
Application Status:

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Midas PvM

Midas PvM

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We DO NOT and WILL NOT crash any other players at ANY boss.

Talking about sensitive/controversial topics will result in a temporarily kick from the CC -examples being politics, religion, racism, drugs, etc.

Staking talk is allowed in the clan chat, keep it to a minimum. DO NOT stake fellow clan members.

Act mature and be respectful to all clan members. Flaming, offensive behavior, trolling, and excessive swearing will not be tolerated.

Players will receive a split if they deal damage, die, or take a short break. They won't receive split if they leave the trip.

PKing other Midas PvM members in the wilderness is NOT allowed.

Absolutely NO scamming, luring, or botting. If an individual is caught, they will be removed from the clan immediately.

All drops must be given to the highest ranked member on the trip, for them to split after trip is done. Remember to SCREENIE ALL DROPS. Any member caught scamming will be removed and have further action taken against them with RSJustice.

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Midas PvM

Midas PvM

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Gear Requirements and Total Requirements

° 120+ Combat Level
° 70 Prayer w/Piety
° Full Guthans
° Barrows Gloves
° Fire Cape
° Dragon Defender
° Any Godsword or Dragon Warhammer
° Amulet of Fury or Amulet of Torture
° Abyssal Tentacle


(Separate from the gear listed above)

Level Requirements

1750 Total Required
94 Magic and Vengeance
70 Agility

Range Tank Requirements

90+ Range & Defence.

A minimum of 140 combined Attack and Strength levels.

Augury and Rigour prayers.

Dragonfire Sheild
Toxic Blowpipe
Full Armadyl
Armadyl Crossbow
Pegasians or Ranger boots
Amulet of Anguish
Archer ring or Ring of suffering (ui)

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Midas PvM

Midas PvM

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Clan Admins that have the highest authority. They are extremely trusted and highly respected. These members can Kick/Ban individuals from the clan. They have the power to accept new members.

Clan Moderators whose main role is to keep watch over the clan. They can Kick individuals from the clan. They keep our clan in check and make sure everything is the way it's supposed to be.

Extremly respected members of the clan who're keeping the peace and making a name for themselves. These members have some authority. They can give warnings and report things to higher authority. Reports by these members are prioritized over any ranks under them.

At this stage, you've stuck around for a while and you're a trustworthy member of the clan. Reliable when it comes to knowledge and skills about PvM'n.

Once you've reached this rank, you're offically a member. You are active in the Clan Chat and regularly go PvMing. Corporal ranks should continue to attend all events, regularly, go PvMing.

This is the entry rank obtained when joining the clan. Fresh out of the water, you will need to earn a moderate level of respect and trust from your fellow clan mates for a rank up.
(1 week trial period)

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Midas PvM

Midas PvM

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Attack Level:
Strength Level:
Defence Level:
Hitpoints Level:
Prayer Level:
Range Level:
Magic Level:
Agility Level:
Barrows Gloves:
Total Level:

Have you been in any previous Clans(If so which)?

How did you find this clan?

What Timezone do you live in?

Are you aware of Rs Justice and know that if you scam you will be blacklisted and banned from all OSRS clans?

Why would you like to join this clan?

Do you have any bossing experience/which bosses?

Do you meet all our Gear Requirements(We do gear checks ingame PM Admin)?

Would you use our Discord Channel?

Do you agree to Bump OSRS forums?

We do NOT make exceptions for any requirements.

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