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Psychic Sage
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Psychic Sage

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The clan is 07 Yanille , Our Mission Statement:

We are a Community of Host's and Players Dedicated to keeping Yanille Peaceful and Civil. Our goal is to make Yanille a place where Hosts can go without having to worry about a Competitive Environment. We work together to ensure there is one person Hosting at a time, and encourage everyone to make sure there is always a Host in place. If you are a fellow Host or just a player who loves the Hosting community please join 07 Yanille today!

Services & Ranks

In 07 Yanille the services we offer are Hosting and Bone Running. Anyone Can Run Bones But Trusted Runners are insured by the clan. To be RankedTrusted Runner you must pay a deposit to the clan account "07 Yanille". If scammed by a Ranked Runner the Runner is banned, and the Deposit is paid to the scammed party Check our Discord for a list of Insured Hosts.

*Smiley Ranks are Friends, comment on this post for Smiley Rank.

*Recruit=Trusted Runner Paid 1m Deposit, Insured for up to 1m.

*Corporal=Trusted Runner+ Paid 5m Deposit, Insured for up to 5m.

*Sergeant=Elite Trusted Runner Paid 10m Deposit, Insured for up to 10m.

*Lieutenants (Bronze Star) are Hosts who have Gilded Altar but may not yet be fully Maxed.

*Captains (Silver Star) are Max Hosts who primarily have everything people would typically ask for.

*Generals (Gold Star) Are Clan Leaders.

Rules: Many Hosts may disagree with one another, but disagreements are to be taken to private messages. We all share a common goal which you can see for yourself by reading our Mission Statement above. We do not tolerate Racism, Sexual Harassment, or Scamming. These actions will result in a ban.

Send complaints or screenshots of your home for Rank to the email below.

Contact Information:
Clan Discord:
Plug DJ:

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It looks great Sage, and I'm glad this is coming together nicely.
Keep up the good work!
We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
~ Albert Einstein :P

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dee ramone

dee ramone

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I'm one of the many hosts you may encounter within the CC, I have everything from a gilded altar to rune and steel dragons. Feel free to find me when I'm online if you need anything, I'll help how I can.

17-Oct-2018 06:25:59

Psychic Sage
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Psychic Sage

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Please Post your introduction here If you are looking to Be a host in our clan or If you are a regular player interested in a smiley face Rank!

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