Average Joe's PvM & Skilln' v5

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II. Time-Zone(Optional):

III. Combat Level: 93

IV. Total level: 1833

V. Were you referred by a current member? If so, post who.

VI. 3 Favorite Skills: thieving slayer agility

VII. Favorite Runescape Pass-Time: doing agil and discording

VIII. Favorite Runescape NPC (Non-Player Character): none? maybe nieve lol

IX. Do you use discord? Or are interested in making one to join ours? yes

X. If Applicable, what has driven you to apply to Average Joe's? What about us made you decide to join our clan? And Lastly, why'd you leave your previous clan? (if applicable)

XI. Why do you play Runescape? at this point i dont know lol

10-May-2019 06:58:04

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