Average Joe's PvM & Skilln' v5

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Sir Swagal0t
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Sir Swagal0t

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I. RSN: sir swagal0t

II. Time-Zone(Optional): GMT

III. Combat Level: 126.1

IV. Total level: 2218

V. Were you referred by a current member? If so, post who. I was told about the clan by someone but unfortunately cannot remember the name.

VI. 3 Favorite Skills: slayer, construction, any melee skill

VII. Favorite Runescape Pass-Time: bit of bossing, currently trying to max

VIII. Favorite Runescape NPC (Non-Player Character): not any as such, love the alchemical hydra pet and the 2 dragon pets though.

IX. Do you use discord? Or are interested in making one to join ours? not really only used it a couple times can use it if need be though.

X. If Applicable, what has driven you to apply to Average Joe's? What about us made you decide to join our clan? And Lastly, why'd you leave your previous clan? (if applicable)
i heard you do a lot of pvm stuff including raids and been really interested to start raids, could never find a team as im a raids noob. Been in the chat for a little bit and everyone is really healpful and friendly. no previous clan
XI. Why do you play Runescape? In my free time i like to play and while chillin to keep my mind somewhat active. Been playing for way to long aswell, just cant give it up.

21-Apr-2019 22:39:26

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