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Apply via our Application Discord server:

In Game Clan Chat:
AC Home

When joining AC you must have at least one of our requirements, either PvM or PvP:

PvM Requirements

- 110 combat+
- 77 prayer+ with Piety, Rigour, Augury
- 90 Range
- 90 Magic
- 78 Herblore
- 25 CoX Kill Count or 25 ToB Kill Count
- Elite Void/Barrows Gloves
- 1500+ Total Level

Who is AC?

AC is involved in both PvM and PvP. We offer players a relaxed and fun environment to play in. - With the added bonus of having PvP'ers who can protect members in the wilderness.

We are more than a community. With our family atmosphere, you'll enjoy some intense PvP trips competing versus some of the top clans in Oldschool. Not only do we run ToB and CoX raids daily, we have an open suggestion box for events such as castle wars/clan wars PvP, fun weapon/armor based raids & LMS events which we run weekly.

Why Join?

-We teach PvP
-We teach PvM
-We participate in DMM
-We make bank
-Active cc/discord
-Elitism/Toxicity Free
-Not Strict, Fun Focused

Clan Events
PvM Masses
PvP Masses
Minigame Masses
Drop Parties


Discord is Required.
All information on Clan events, new members, updates and other important information is shared through Discord.

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