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Clan Directory

The old Clan Chat Channel Directory listed a number of inactive clans and failed to list active clans seeking inclusion.

Once your clan has been added to the directory your post will be hidden.

To be featured on this new directory please follow the below format:

  • Clan Name:

  • Chat Channel:

  • Is your focus on PvP/PvM/Skilling/Social activities?:

  • Provide a brief description of your channel:

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    A-Z Clan Directory
    Note: An example of the formatting used is:
    Clan name Chat channel Clan Focus
    Brief description

    07 Gods 07 Gods PvM/Skilling/Social
    A Friendly And Relaxed PvM/Skilling/Social Clan Who Likes To Have Fun And Enjoy Each Others Company. We're Here To Make Your Oldschool Experience The Best That It Can Be!

    07 Legends 07 Legends Social/PvM/Skilling
    As a clan, our goal is to create an atmosphere and culture much like the one in the early days of Runescape. We hope to create great friendships because lets face it, gaming with friends is much more fun!

    0SRS Revitalized PVM Revitaliized (TWO i's) PVM/Social
    Friendly clan started by friends, looking for other high level or experienced PVMers. Can teach people new bosses if not familiar!

    0SRS New/Returning Players Club g0 flames g0 Social/PvM/Skilling/PvP
    Our clan is a group for new/returning players, but also is open to anyone in the OSRS community. We work towards helping each other out and planning activities for everyone in our group to do together. Our main goal is to provide an environment where everyone can feel safe, welcome, and most of all have fun! (PS. Zero's, not O's)

    Abyssal Clan Chat AbyssalChat PvM/Skilling/Social
    We are a social clan that welcomes anyone and everyone. We have regularly scheduled events for Skilling (monthly skill of the weekend for prizes on the first weekend of every month), PvM, Hide-and-Seek, as well as Ironman friendly events (such as WT or barb assault groups), we also have daily unscheduled bossing which is organized among clannies. For those starting an ironman/regular account or are just needing any advice or game tips, we are more than happy to help you out!

    A Clan I do knot PvM/Skilling/Social
    An Up and coming clan looking to get new members mostly looking at the social aspects of a clan, where we can just come together hang out and chill but encourage our members to be the best they can be regarding leveling up skills and game knowledge hope to hear from you all soon and just remember "I Do Knot" mind a pun.

    Alpha Dynasty alphadyna PvM/Skilling
    A PVM clan focussed around your progression within RuneScape. Everyone starts from the bottom, and Alpha Dynasty is here to help you create and obtain realistic goals in a time-efficient manner. The Dynasty helps with Skilling, Bossing, and Questing efficiency to obtain your goals faster. Alpha Dynasty does not discriminate those who have yet to boss, we teach all who are interested!! Become Alpha today, join the Dynasty!

    Ascension Knights AK Lobby PvP/PvM/Skilling
    The Ascension Knights' are a friendly and well known elite PvM/PvP based clan that focuses on the former but also branches out into all aspects of the game. Founded on August the 7th, 2013, in response to the first Goblin Invasion, we aim to provide a safe, friendly and active community for all players wanting to be a part of Ascension whilst reaching out to the wider game populace.

    Aus 2007 Aus 2007 Social/PvM/PvP
    People join our community as we offer PVM content from high level such as raids to mid level such as barrows and KBD, we strive to make weekly events, often twice a week and the community is often involved and willing to give opinions on any new event suggestions, we aim to discuss all friendly activities with our community to encourage a healthy balance of trust and fun, most of all we welcome everybody, even ironmemes

    Aus Unity Aus Unity Social/PvM/PvP
    Aus Unity is a laid back active social clan that does PvM/PvP and Events most nights, we are Australian based but everyone is welcome.

    Avalon Avalon CC Pure PvP
    Avalon is the #1 Rune Pure/Tank Clan , and #1 Med lvl PK clan in runescape. We provide a home for rune pures and tanks that enjoy pvp/pking.

    Average Joe's average_cc Social/PvM/Skilling
    An extremely relaxed social clan, with an emphasis on our community and a chilled out environment to play the game as you like, while providing facilities for those who would like a more competitive edge.

    BerzerkerzPVX BerzerkerzPVX PvP/PvM/Skilling/Social
    Est. January, 2014. Here in our Community, we strive for excellence and quality with all our members. BerzerkerzPVX has been a staple name since we've started this MMORPG Division off our community years ago. What we want is to provide a place for all members to call home. A place where members can invite their friends and also seek new ones! The OSRS Clan (CC) BerzerkerPVX will symbolize as a place where we all can come together, find new friends, and play with one another instead of just yourself. Here we can help others with questing, going out on Skilling runs, Boss runs, Raids, and even more. We have streamers among us to provide plenty of content within the community itself! We will provide many fun opportunities with events so we can keep the clan interesting! Come join today!

    Big Bad Clan - Division PvM Big Bad Clan PvM/Social
    The Big Bad Clan focuses PvM, the atmosphere however isn't dull, weekly events are held and requirements are slim, the reasoning for this is we pride in teaching others bossing and raiding, stats, gear and skill and be built and where better than here? The Big Bad Clan is newly formed however, the skill isn't.. Watch us grow, or be apart of that growth yourself.

    Bulwark Varidas Social
    The Bulwark is an attempt to bring back to life roleplaying in Old School RS. Other activities such as Pvp and Pvm are still apart of the clan while setting the main focus on giving roleplayers the ease of linking up for events.

    Cloud 9 Darks Social/All
    Primarily Social Clan chat with a diverse range of players including Skillers, Pkers, Slayers, Afk trainers, Minigamers, and any combination of the above. Everyone is welcome to join our veterans or get some help as a newcomer, Hang out share the silence, and maybe even a conversation.

    Club Dragon Club Big D Social/PvM/Skilling
    We are a very laid back clan. Basically just a bunch of friends who want to meet and make friends with a bunch of new people. Our clan is open to all skills and levels. Willing to teach PvM and other things if members need to learn and are new to bossing or certain skills. We are very active in Discord and would love to welcome anyone who wants to join us in the chat channels. We are also brand new with only about 6 members so we cant wait to build up that number and meet any newcomers.

    Damage Clan Damage Clan PvP
    New clan growing massive,looking for more ranked members.Daily Pk/Pvm trips. 50+ members already! Discord active! Lots off friendly people! 90+ combat level is only requirment! message me Jam head. Or join damage clan

    Defenders of Gielinor Dog cc PvM/Social
    Defenders of Gielinor is a social PvM clan that will help you improve on your Runescape skills while increasing your enjoyment of the game in the process. If you are interested in earning gold while socializing in a friendly community, Defenders of Gielinor is right for you!
  • 1250+ total level
  • 50+ Agility
  • Barrows gloves
  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Fire cape

    Division PvM Division PvM PvM/Social
    Join Division PvM, we're social PvM based clan from all corners of the world.. We pride ourselves in teaching many newbies PvM and watching them grow their stats, skill and wealth. As a newer clan the road hasn't always been smooth however we've overcome everything in out path so far and are starting to drive down the highway now... Be apart of the rapid growth!

    Elite Warriors EW Lounge Social/PvM
    Our goal at Elite Warriors is to welcome mature players into a friendly and relaxed atmosphere whilst satisfying their 'scaping needs. We have an active core of members who love to get out into Gielinor and explore what RuneScape has to offer! We also host various events on at least a weekly basis. These can range from minigames, to PvP trips, to Hide and Seek competitions, to... well, pretty much anything really!

    Emphasis PvM Emphasis PvM PvM/PvP/Skilling/Social
    Emphasis PvM is an up and coming OSRS PvM based clan. This being said, we would love to include all kinds of players in our tight knit community. We welcome PvP players, skillers, and social players to check us out.

    Entity Entity CC PvM/Skilling/Social
    Entity is a family-oriented efficiency based clan; a friendly community of people who consider themselves both PvMers and skillers. We welcome anyone 1850+ in total level to join us! We host bi-weekly clan events and fun competitions, and have a clan Discord. (QFC: 320-321-218-65965368)

    Evil Evil RS CC PvP
    New upcoming clan that are looking for Rune pures, Zerkers, Voiders, Range/Mage Tanks, and even Mid levels to join for Multi & Single pking trips! We also do prepped CWA fights. We offer our members a Discord + Teamspeak server and offsite forums!

    F2P IM F2P IM Clan Social
    We are an OSRS F2P Ironman clan. Our purpose is to create a fun and friendly environment for all types of F2P Ironmen/women. Whether you’re looking to efficiently grind your skills or casually train them, we want you to join our clan! We have a diverse group of members ranging in experience and progress. We are fun, competitive and helpful. We host a wide array of exciting events for all to enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Come check us out!

    The Family The Family PvM/PvP/Social
    The Family is a Pvm/Pk/Social clan which at its core is a mature, high level community dedicated to ensuring that all members have a solid crew of people to play with. Whether you’re looking for that Twisted bow split, trying to break the Godwars dry streak or want to expand your conquest beyond Edgeville, The Family welcomes you. We don’t ask for hardline commitment and mandatory event participation like other clans. We simply ask that you be respectful, trustworthy, help when you can while staying active. Even if you don't meet our mandatory requirements, we still welcome you to reach out to us!

    Feel Free FF Social
    Social and community based chat where you can seek help, advice or simply hang around.

    FOH FOH Social/Skilling
    FOH is a very laid back environment with a strong sense of dedication towards Oldschool RuneScape, making gainz, and having fun. We are a group of friendly players with a lot of RuneScape experience and are looking to expand.

    Game Killaz Game Killaz PvM/Skilling/PvP
    Game Killaz is based from PvM and PvP to Skilling. We're very welcoming and active, open to everyone of all levels.

    Grinding Kings Brade65 PvM/Social/PvP
    We are a clan that has been around since 2007, but just recently began to reform in April of 2018. Our focus is to bring together a tight group of friends so that we can Pvm (bossing/slayer etc), pk, and discuss other general topics in the clan chat, or in discord.

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    A-Z Clan Directory

    Note: An example of the formatting used is:
    Clan name Chat channel Clan Focus
    Brief description

    Hero Pvm Hero Pvm PvM
    We within Hero PvM pride ourselves on our ability to maintain our ever-growing community environment. Caring for our members is an essential foundation to our success, and by maintaining meaningful in-game relationships we are able to offer each member an experience they will never forget!

    As one of Runescape's biggest OSRS PvM clans, we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable players among us waiting to help you out with anything you may need!

    We are able to offer a huge variety of bossing to our members; some of our most popular bosses are Bandos, Corporeal Beast & Saradomin! We do of course regularly partake in ALL other bosses as well as these very popular regulars!

    We are committed to creating a clean, friendly and constructive clan chat in which all members feel welcome and able to relax! So, please check out the rest of our thread and feel free to ask our highly experienced staff members any questions you may have, we are always happy to help! We hope to see you in-game!

    Hopes Peak Academy FiveyFriday Skilling/Social
    We are a community of players who aim to support eachother in growing our accounts and experience in the game. And whilst doing so; we wish to do so as a group of friends. We have a clear ranking order and open positions for ranks. We have a few veteran players who took it upon themselves to guide and help newer players to grow. We do not pressure you to anything, we are a clan with lower standards so that we can all play in fun!

    The events we do: Castle Wars, Group Skilling and other social activities

    Hyperion Hyperion 07 PvM/PvP
    We are founded from a collective of players who carry with them years of experience within the clan community and the game itself ensuring that you have the best playing experience possible as a member of Hyperion.

    Imperium of Strife IOS Chat PvM/Skilling/Social
    The Imperium of Strife is the first POC, or Player Owned City type clan to move over from RS3. A POC is a community based, light roleplaying clan type. They are set up with a hierarchy that is reminisce of different fantasy or historical kingdoms with a leader and a group of subleaders. In the Imperium of Strife for instance, we have an Emperor and then the Lords of the Houses.

    POCs keep track of "land claims" which are another roleplay aspect and help to add to the "lore" of a clan. This is completely fictitious (although some may not think so), and is tracked on a community thread usually. Their claims are linked to a world; all of the Imperium of Strife's claims are on World 303/OSRS World 3 (depending on how you view the world list).

    A POC functions identically to all other clans in Runescape and will offer the same opportunities, however it also has the optional roleplay and drama aspect that any can join in on.

    Infernal FC Infernal FC PvP/PvM/Skilling/Social
    We are a friendly and welcoming clan which is very much community driven, aiming to provide the full clan experience, for any and all kinds of player. We hold regular clan events for all members to participate in (whether ranked or not), this includes Raids, Corporeal Beast, GWD, PKing and a multitude of other fun events. We have also recently implemented a Raids mentoring system which allows non-experienced raiders to learn the ropes with assistance from our experienced mentors!

    Insurgence InsurgenceOS PvM/Skilling/Social
    Insurgence is a clan with no account requirements to join. The clan focuses on anything completionist and PvM related. The clan requires its members to be a part of the clan Discord server. No clan offsite, as all events and announcements are within Discord.

    Community Manager for Old School RuneScape
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    A-Z Clan Directory
    Note: An example of the formatting used is:
    Clan name Chat channel Clan Focus
    Brief description

    KingsSociety ImNoTaSpAzZz PvM/Social/Skilling
    KingsSociety is about service to residents of the land. we are here for questing, group activities, pvp, minigames & pvm. WELCOMING ALL F2P/P2P if you're tired of doing things ingame alone, Kings Society gives you someone to experience an adventure together. along with that, we offer tips, help, and guidance to those who require it. Specializing in: Quests, Slayer and Combat

    LazyTown LazyTown cc Social/Skilling (Ironman particularly welcome)
    Provide a brief description of your channel: Check out our thread, "320-321-991-65949940". Aim is to create a relaxed high-quality community in which we all play our own way. Relatively flat hierarchy - all accepted members are either silver star or gold star.

    The Legacy Legacy 07 PvM
    We're a PvM focused clan that strives to be a welcoming, understanding, and entertaining community. The enjoyment and well-being of our members is our #1 priority. Members are able to host clan masses, suggest ideas, and contribute to the clan in their own way. We strive to have a community that enriches the Runescape experience by creating both in-game achievements and bonds between clanmates.

    Legends of Divine Justice L O D J Skilling/Social
    We are a mature, family based social clan with with a relaxed atmosphere. There are no requirements for joining us, and our community is always happy to help anyone with any advice that they are looking for.

    Men Of Iron Vaanaka PvM/Skilling/Social
    Join The FASTEST Growing Ironman Clan Today!
    Our clan is a mainly social clan with the goal of providing other ironmen a place to give and receive advice. While also doing small events with each other such as barbarian assault and Pest control. Taking your mind off the grind will help pass the time. Our Clan is warm and welcoming to all newcomers whether you are an experienced Ironman or a novice ironman starter we want you to join us today and help us grow into a great community of Iron Men.

    You don't have to be lonely, with Irons only!

    Mercy Mercy CC Social
    We are a social clan with no requirements looking for lovely people to add to our community as we aspire to create a fun, safe, and educational experience to enhance your old school runescape journey. We hope that you make friends and create meaningful trusting relationships in our clan whilst having the freedom to play the game however you like, without any obligation to us.

    Mr Sir MrSirOne PvM/Social/Skilling
    Mr Sir is a newly founded PvM clan where we love hanging out, chatting, and bossing. We take frequent (daily) impromptu boss trips to all the favorite spots. We're looking for high combat level (95+) players, with any degree of PvM experience. Come by and hang out!

    NewFoundRedemption NFRedemption PvM/Social
    We are a brand new clan looking for new members to start a solidified group. Once we have a nice small group will be continue to add to our list of members. We will have events planned weekly for bossing and many more things the members want to do. We are an adult clan so if you want to come hang out with us we are all very chill!

    NO SIGIL NO SLEEP 07 NSNS 07 PvM/Social
    NO SIGIL NO SLEEP 07 is the Old School Runescape branch of NO SIGIL NO SLEEP. We primarily aim to have fun and to help teach bosses to people newer to PvM. Additionally, we seek experienced PvM'ers to group up and do efficient PvM as well. We welcome anyone that's 85+ combat and wants to have a great time 'Scaping together!

    Oblivion Oblivion PvM PvM
    Oblivion is the Elite PvM clan of OSRS. We provide the perfect environment for the best PvMers who want to do the best methods with the best people. We have teams bossing 24/7; if you join you will always be able to get a team, no matter what time of day it is.

    Omega Raiders OmegaRaiders PvM
    We opened the day before Raids were released and have grown into a medium sized group of friends. Our focus as a clan is to fill large and small raid groups with geared, skilled, and cooperative raiders. While we are typically laid back and casually make bils we also have competitive events with great prizes to be won!

    One Mature Clan O M C Skilling
    Here at one mature clan we offer maturity where other clans lack, we enforce zero drug talk and are interested in providing a fun and relaxing time with players who become more of a small knit family. If you're Interested in Joining Pm one of the following members: Animorph, OnionJones, ArchbishopC, Robert332, Kndd, SvenskKung, Vehemencee, Slimjim, Vertigosaint. or check our official forum for names of additional players.*2TJkU/,321,146,65987571

    OSRS and Chill Chill Osrs Social/PvM/Skilling/PvP
    OSRS and Chill is a social society where we offer our members a relaxed environment that you can come and hang around with friends in. We have no requirements to join the clan, meaning that everyone in OSRS can come and join in on the fun. Finally, we also have a very active Discord server for chatter not only about OSRS but also anything else outside of the game too. With our loyal, friendly members and our dedicated staff team providing a variety of different content for members to sink their teeth in to, we hope that you consider joining us. See you soon!

    OSRS Memers and Dreamers Memes Osrs Social/PvM/Skilling/Social
    We are a new osrs clan led by Runescape veterans of 10+ years of both osrs and rs3. We have a focus on our Discord channel and being social in the CC. We look to aim to have a lot of fun (hence the name) and joke around with each other while helping and teaching other members to make the most of their osrs experience. We like to hold PvM events as well and chill out while skilling while we share our loot and level gains. We are welcoming to all players no matter what level and experience.

    Petscape Petscape CC PvM/Skilling
    A friendly place to both skill and PvM, with a focus on hunting pets. We aim to provide a non-toxic, friendly place to hang out! We host bi-weekly skilling and boss hunting competitions.

    Phoenix Px Clanchat Pure PvP
    Phoenix is without a doubt the most active, organized & honorable clan in Pure Clanning today. Phoenix strives for the best quality members -- not only in stats but in ability. An account is only as good as a person behind it. We're a fun loving community with people from all around the world. Looking for some PvP action? You've come to the right place.

    Pirate Chat Piratescape PvM/Skilling/Social/Casual
    We are a Social/casual clan chat who have just recently launched! We invite all members of the community who just want a chilled out clan to be apart of and will do non-compulsory, but fun, clan events such as skilling and questing events regularly. All welcome, hate free!

    The Plebs Plebs Cc Skilling/Social/PvM
    The Plebs consists of a friendly and laidback group of people and has been a second home to many of us since its creation in February 2017. We host monthly Skill of the Week contests and other skilling events, along with social and pvm events every now and then. Feel free to drop by our cc and say hi! Everyone is welcome!

    Poo Crew Poo Crew PvM
    An active high-leveled PvM clan, focused on the improvement of its members by progressively raising requirements. Weekly events and a competitive atmosphere is guaranteed.

    A well-ran PVM Clan where you can meet new people and make some friends. We, at PVM Outpost, support PVMing and having fun. QFC: 320-321-309-65909375.

    Ramrod Ramrod cc PvM/Skilling/PvP
    Ramrod was founded in 2013. We have a great community and we aim to maintain our active clan chat by welcoming players that meet our requirements to come and join in the conversation! We offer weekly "Skill weeks" and regular PvM events such as Godwars Dungeon and Raids.

    Reapers of Runescape Reapers CC PvM/Social/PvP
    Reapers of Runescape was founded to become the next big respectful community clan for anyone that joins to have a good time, while on the game they play and love. We will ensure the best time for you and we have daily PVM/PVP events while socially talking with eachother.

    Relentless RL Lobby Social
    We're a newly founded clan looking to create a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere for our members and ourselves, we're aimingto create a social environment which is enjoyable regardless of level wether you're new to the game or a seasoned veteran we want you all the same, feel free to join and start your relentless oldschool adventure!

    Reawakened Dreams RDS cc PvM/Social
    Reawakened Dreams is a laid back PvM focused clan; making friends and money is the goal. Whether you are new to the game and need some help, or maxed and looking for a break from your elitest clan, we might be the place for you. Want to learn raids, we have a guy for that. Need to finish off Barbarian Assault requirements? Sure, let's make a group and we can talk and laugh as we speed though queen kills. Hate quests? Well so do most people but there are people that are going for multiple quest capes who are happy to help out. Want to make some cash? So do we. You name it, we have people interested. Can't find people to play with because of your timezone? There are always people in cc and voice, while the majority reside in the US we have members all over Europe and Australia.

    Applications are stupid. If you are cool, you are welcome.

    |rds cc| let's play some RuneScape.

    Rogue PvMs Rogue PvMs PvM/Social/PvP
    Those that are never scared and prepared to travel into the depths of all the world has to offer. Always successful in coming out of the fights victorious and more loot than ever thought of previously.

    Roid Monkeyz R M Z PvM/Skilling/Social
    We are a close group of friends who are involved in all aspects of the game. There are bi-weekly skilling competitions, clue hunting competitions, as well as plenty of bossing for everyone. Some of our sister clans excel in PKing so we will often join one of them for a wars or casual PKing sessions.

    RS Legends Faint Dallas Social
    Social clan, just rebooting after losing majority of our members.
    everyone is welcome, feel free to join and say hello :)

    Runeguru Runeguru PvM/Skilling/Social
    We are a 24/7 based community clan, and welcome anyone regardless of account build or type to visit our cc. We are happy to help anyone whom has questions about the game, and offer lots of activities for making OSRS more enjoyable.

    RuneScape Aid Center TeganG Skilling/Social
    The RuneScape Aid Center provides needed supplies and food to the players of RuneScape. Activities include providing emergency aid (players logged off and about to die), recovering player supplies in dangerous areas, and traveling to popular PvM areas to hand out extra supplies.

    RuneTown RuneTown PvM/Skilling/Social
    RuneTown provides a safe and fun place for people to meet, talk and organise a range of different kinds of events including Bossing, PvM and those involving Skilling.

    RustLand RustLand PvM/Skilling/Social
    We are a friendly and laid back ironman community. We accept all types of ironmen with 1000 or higher total level. Come hop in the chat to chill, ask questions, and celebrate achievements!

    The Sages The Sages Social/Skilling/PvM
    We are a clan created by two high lever players with over 10 years of experience, we want to educate and help newer players into the game by aiding them and giving them tips. We also want a social community in which we could do events such as minigames or PvM. It is important to know that we have no application format or other means of pressurizing you to a lot of reading/unimportant stuff. We just want to have fun.

    We want you as a player to have fun in clanning, grow into an experienced player and get rich with us!

    Samurai Papi Samurai Papi Social
    A family based CC, focused on Group Questing, Group Skilling, Group Pvm, Clan Wars, Group Pking, Drop Parties, Giveaways via Twitch, Hide & Seek, Last Man Standing, Castle Wars, Flip Guides, General Help for new & seasoned players; f2p & p2p based, along with many Mini Games, including pest control, barbarian assault, & so much more.

    Saradomin's Shadow Saras Shadow Social
    A recently revamped clan, we are looking to grow exponentially in the near future with a focus on social aspects of clan life and getting to know each and every member well. We will begin rolling major events once we hit a good amount of members.

    Skillers R Us igotyour99s Skilling
    We are an active clan with mature members that focuses mainly on skilling. We occasionally have PvM and PvP events. We have monthly and weekly xp competitions for gp rewards. Loose requirement for clan is to have a 99 in at least one skill. Once joined, you have 30 days to get a 99, or must show serious effort towards a 99 to remain.

    Slay Clan Slay Clan Slayer/PvM
    Slay Clan is one of the oldest OSRS clans dating back to 2013. Our clan strives to congregate the best slayer and PvM oriented players to fuel a positive, active, and encouraging atmosphere. Our main feature is providing a clan chat full of players with similar interests to help build a community that enhances our focus on Slayer & Pvm.

    Slayernation Mercules PvM/PvP/Social
    Slayernation is a 420 friendly "no filter" cc (racism or hate speech is not tolerated!) We started as a 'slay n chill' now we do bossing and have many pvpers, or we can keep you company in those slayer caves :) Respect for other members is a must. Not all members partake in 420 activities and the clan respects it. Most of the active players are into both PvM and PvP. we're looking for high level pvmers and all cmb lvls of pvpers .if you are just trying to avoid offending anyone and wish to find a more 'adult content' chat then we are here for you. we all have a lot of trust in each other and we don't mind growing it slowly as long as it stays that way.

    Social OSRS Social OSRS Social/All
    Social OSRS is a social clan that was formed in June 2017, in Social OSRS we strive to ensure that we provide an fun, friendly and vibrant atmosphere for all to be a part of. Our members, staff and patrons all work together to keep the clan a place where we all want to socialise. We offer unscheduled events, and a Discord server, and the best thing is we require nothing for new members to join! Members look to partake in a multitude of activities every single day. We look forward to seeing you soon.

    Solace EHP Skilling
    We are an EHP-based skilling clan. Solace provides a friendly community for all play styles, although our focus is primarily on efficient skilling. We have a TS server, discord, and offsite for all members and clan friends.

    Starsrevenge Starsrevenge PvM/Social/Skilling
    We are a very friendly Pvm oriented clan full of experienced people wich are willing to help everyone who is seeking for, we teach a lot, specially raids, we also have a discord channel to stay connected at any time.

    Supreme Team SupremeClan PvM/PvP/Social
    Supreme Team is a newly founded PvM clan with ~10 members so far. We are mainly looking for people close to GMT timezone, but also EST to have a mixed clan so its always active. Stat-wise, we are looking for 90+ combat but also people who are preparing their account for PvMing. Hope to see you with us!

    Swedish Lads FancyLads PvM/Social
    We are a rather small gang that seek more people to join our clan and we are mostly focusing on PvMing, helping each other out and have weekly events consisting of mini games, skilling, pvp and bossing. We seek every kind of lvl and any age but we mainly seek people that are swedish, but if you're not swedish and can speak english don't be afraid to join, we will welcome you!

    Swedish PvM swedishpvm PvM/Social
    We are a friendly Swedish clan that focuses mainly on PvM but we welcome both PvP and skilling with open arms. We are pretty newly funded, looking for more swedish people that wants to socialize with other swedes! The clan QFC is: 320-321-125-65950128.

    TBD TBD OSRS PvM/Social
    We're a brand new Mid-High tier PvM clan starting up in osrs. Our goal is to provide entry to experienced levels of PvM Group interaction for people looking to get into PvM. Our main focus will be helping players learn how to defeat bosses and improve their PvM skills, while also providing a fun environment for like minded players.

    Team Eternity TeamEternity PvM/Social
    We were formed on 08/02/2016 with a core group of amazing staff, experienced pvmers and friendly members. Whether it be to socialize or to boss, to do general pvm or amazing events, you can always count on us to make you have an amazing experience within our clan. Our staff aim to make your experience in Eternity an enjoyable and safe environment packed with events.

    Team Gaia I Getto I PvM/PvP/Social
    High tier team, with positive attitudes looking to grow in quality rather than quantity, we mainly raid and pk but we do have our fun every once in a while, with events, tournaments etc.. we're a chill team when it is time to chill, but when it comes to performance, high quality is always expected, so it's chill and hectic being here. :)

    Unbound Unbound CC PvM/Community
    Kings of Pvm. Best Community on OSRS. Pvm, Social, teach raids, PvP, Giveaways, Pizza giveaways.

    The Unholy Buckets Unbuckets Social/Giveaway
    TUB (The Unholy Buckets) is a no requirement social clan. We have regular weekly social events, a proper ranking system and give away roughly 30 mill OSRS gp every week in drop parties and other games. You can look forward to much more than that though! We also dress up in bucket helmets to every event, have optional weekly meetings, and some great community champions aboard! Our Discord invite code is, and our clan chat is "UnBuckets"! Join now!

    Unknown Fear UF Base PvP/PvM
    Unknown Fear is a strong, tight-knit community. We offer a wide variety of events to all clan members and trial members. Our aim is to become a strong warring focus'd clan. We also offer an active TeamSpeak3 server & offsite

    Unthinking Majority UM CC PvM/Social
    We have been through a lot with our friendly group of scapers, many different people, staying loyal to an idea of friendly and social scaping through our time in OSRS! We are a very friendly, but mature, group of friends always looking for new recruits into our little family. We offer spontaneous events and planned events when requested but if you want to just come join the clan have a relaxed place to chat, and do your own thing, thats fine too, we welcome all forms of scapers.

    Valiantxx Valiantxx Skilling/PvM
    Vanguard is a group of highly experienced players in a variety of skill sets. As a clan, we do not restrict ourselves event wise, we embrace every aspect of the game. Naturally, we have a broad base of expertise in PvP/PvM/Skilling. Our objective is to be a beacon of light in the OldSchool community.

    Vanguard VnG PvP/PvM/Skilling
    Vanguard is a group of highly experienced players in a variety of skill sets. As a clan, we do not restrict ourselves event wise, we embrace every aspect of the game. Naturally, we have a broad base of expertise in PvP/PvM/Skilling. Our objective is to be a beacon of light in the OldSchool community.

    Vengeance V Public PvP/PvM/Social
    Vengeance is going for an organized Rune Pure, Range Tank & Med Build Clan for people from all around the world. Our main focus lays in Multi Pking and CWA Fights, to create more action in the game we all love playing and to have fun while doing so. All other activities happen in the clan as well but are not mandatory like Bossing, Skilling, Competitions, etc... We have our own Website, Forums and require Discord for communication. Vengeance will be run professionally, have the organization and experience. For obvious reasons this will take time and the right people to do so.

    Vintage Vintage Chat PvP/PvM
    Organized Clan Wars Warring clan with constant PvM trips, scheduled PK trips, an active teamspeak & site.

    Vindicate OS Vindicate PvP/PvM/Social/Skilling
    Vindicate is a clan that was founded by knowledgeable folks that just like to help players out, whether new or returning, F2P or P2P, Iron Man or not. We aim to create a warm and welcoming environment for players of any level of experience. Our Clan philosophy is that when clanmates grow and become more experienced, so to does the Clan as a whole.

    Wilderness Guardians WG_CC PvP/PvM
    The Wilderness Guardians are the oldest clan on OSRS. An honour clan since 2003, we offer PvP and PvM to anybody who shares our values of integrity and inclusivity.

    Wrath of The Gods Wotg cc PvP/PvM/Skilling/Social
    Wrath of the Gods is a combat 70+ social clan. Our QFC is "320-321-753-65946723". We are just normal players who are looking for chill individuals to hang out with and make some gains with. We participate in a wide variety of things together as a clan, ranging from Social Gatherings, to Bossing and Pvp.

    Zerk Lyf Zerk Lyf PvP (Zerker)/PvM/Social
    Open clan to Zerkers, social clan, helping each other, having fun and banter in the chat. taking part in PKing & PvM.

    Zero Tolerance ZT Lobby PvP
    Multi PKing is central to Zero Tolerance. We offer daily PvP events (occasional bossing), high-quality fun and good times that our members love. We are very proud of our 9 year history that recognizes our great and solid membership and our member satisfaction. We lead P2P PK trips nearly every day with the majority of our members being seasoned veterans of the clan world. Our time zones range from EST to GMT.

    Z0ltan PvM Z0ltan PvM [bPvM/Skilling/Social[/b]
    Come get stuck in with us, we are happy to teach new PvMers the ways with no stress and ease! we don't shout if you mess up we support you until you get it right we are all chilled back so stop by and come say hi. We have our own Forums thread Z0ltan PvM 95+ everything you need to know is on there:P. Thank you for reading. We also have our own discord channel.

    Community Manager for Old School RuneScape
    Are you looking for a clan? Visit the Clan Directory!

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