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Mini Jaydos

Mini Jaydos

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Would it be possible to see who's attacking you when there's 30+ people fi on you in singles?

I understand you can't stop cowards being cowards but you should at least be able to see who's hitting you and with what style.

28-Jan-2019 05:32:05

Dec Member 2018


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Notcool97 said:
This devalues skull tricking so I don't think Jagex will do it.

No support for anything that devalues highly skilled PKing mechanics such as skull tricking, spamming spec bars 50 on 1, ancient mace, or d spear.
Since luring nubnubs into the wilderness to be victims won't work, we should force them to anti-PK by preventing them from leaving the wilderness until they PK a couple of targets.

06-Feb-2019 21:00:16

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