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LalyFoo said:
Revs most definitely need unique drops in addition to add to the currently underwhelming drop tables.

Here are some proposed idea's:

1) Degradable rune pouch:
Similar to current rune pouch, but degrades with use.

2) Recoil Robes:
A low-defense robe set with a recoil affect, similar to that of a ring of recoil, that activates when the whole set is equipped. The set should offer current bis str bonuses in addition to some attack bonuses.

3) Spec boosting Robes:
A low defense robe set which doubles spec bar regeneration rate. This would have the benefit of making fights much more intense and fast-paced!

Recoil robes and spec boosting robes (charged with ether) are specifically low defense so that they are useful in fast-paced, high intensity risk fights, where people already use low defense robes/no arm. In addition this would make them available to pures

4) Undead hunter crossbow :
Same exact stats as the dragon hunter crossbow, but for the undead.

5) Undead blaster staff :
Gives 30% extra damage vs undead npc's and can auto-cast the crumble undead spell. It's special attack uses 100% of the spec bar and allows you to instantly anti-freeze/ un-entangle yourself and become immune to freezes for 5 seconds.

Food drops by revenants should be made un-noted to increase trip times. In addition, lootbags should be a 100% drop from npc's/players present within the revenant caves. These changes would encourage more loot accumulation, thus raising the risk/reward factor.

The currently proposed emblems (4m, 6m,16m) solution feels just as "artificial" as the 100x drops.

continue pursuing unique drops for revs
(and the rest of the caves as well)
even if it it's a lengthy process
(you will never please the entire community, but please

I like this

30-Oct-2018 13:27:56

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