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As I'm working on my elite diaries I have to play Barbarian Assault again. Although I'd prefer a more comprehensive fix to discourage players from abandoning teams, a simple way to make the situation better would be to allow any player whose team was broken up to enter any room before the one they are on. This would allow abandoned players the opportunity to find other broken teams in lower rooms and not have to go all the way back to level 1.

The game is a constant frustration because many players don't care about their team and bail whenever they feel like it.

20-Jan-2019 22:05:43



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Qol suggestion. Make set placeholder a toggle-able on items so that you dont have to set a placeholder everytime you pull out the item, i realize the set placeholders for everything works but your setting place holders for everything which is not convenient.

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I have a couple of rough ideas that I think could make the game more interesting.

1. Introducing a cape that offers superior range bonus, but does not have the effect of picking up arrows/bolts. Now players would have to choose whether they want the highest range bonus, or the effects of an accumulator. It would add another interesting aspect to account builds and general pvm.

2. This one might be a bit tougher, but I think some sort of rotating pvp mode world would be fun for player killers. For example, every month, a certain world will offer a different pvp mode -- whether its bounty hunter worlds, bounty hunter craters, or regular wilderness. Perhaps you could think of other possibilities. I think this would liven things up for pkers, and of course, all other worlds would still have the standard wilderness.
Perhaps this special world could also have more banking options while in the wilderness, like bounty hunter world days. This could promote clan pking, which some enjoy.

21-Jan-2019 01:45:38

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The Ikkle Hydra pet, a ~1/3000 assumed rarity off the new Alchemical Hydra Boss, is a beautiful pet and boss model design. I noticed was how beautiful the electric effect on the bosses 2nd phase form (Electric-Mage Phase) is, but for how great it was designed this same effect wasn't added to the current the Ikkle Hydra pet's electric phase meta-morph. Your content team is keen on improving graphic models of newly added content, example: thermonuclear smoke devil boss pet, metamorphic dust-olmlet + 5 new metamorphs into distinctive Chambers of Xeric bosses. I ask that you please take this same approach in adding the electric effect from the Alchemical Hydra's Electric Phase to the respective metamorphosis of the Ikkle Hydra pet's electric phase.

Thank you,

Shabado ~
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21-Jan-2019 19:58:35

Alistar Only

Alistar Only

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I'm not sure how difficult this would be to add the game, but as we know, the Grand Exchange is an integral part of Oldschool. I think it would nice to add another set of data to the charts; is it possible to track the actual prices of items traded and keep records of it? As we all know, sometimes items are not traded for the amount of gold the Grand Exchange reflects. Perhaps you could add "average of actual trade value" from each day of transactions. I think this would be a nice bit of data to have and see. This way, we don't have to guess what an improperly priced item is being sold for.

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Ability to switch which side you hold your sword and shield for those who want to hold a godsword to our right side. Also lefties being able to have a sword in their left hand, and so on. It'd merely be a model flip.

22-Jan-2019 14:34:19

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Just a small request.
I've noticed that canifis has no cooking spots.
I love chopping a tree down and burning logs
but those poor people of canifis need some sort of stove top or firepit.

I'd love to see a
cooking range
in canifis.

thank you for taking the time to read this.

22-Jan-2019 17:20:58

Swiz II
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Swiz II

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1. How about putting an anvil somewhere near each cave where there are metal dragons? All those bars are totally useless as it is now.

2. How about a spell (or item) that allows you to teleport to a fairy ring, no matter where you are?

3. How about a "Talisman Box" that can hold a number of each elemental talisman? Or, if not, how about allowing us to make a tiara of the "Elemental Talisman"?

4. Please make a visible difference between an "unblessed symbol" and a "holy symbol" the way that you do for all other jewelry.

5. Please let "crafted" runes go straight into my rune pouch. Dropping them on the ground and picking them up is a ... nuisance.

6. How about a system of adding (crafting?) a gem to smithable armors to have special "enchancements"?
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22-Jan-2019 17:43:44

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