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The Infernix
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The Infernix

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maybe if it got stronger for every deep wilds PK, but capped at some point? even then, you'd have to do something about alts killing each other, like they both must fight, can't use fun weapons, must be different IPs, etc.

also I'm almost 92 agility and I got a giant squirrel training in Ardougne and my face felt like it was melting off.I messaged my ONE online friend but he said nothing, maybe he couldn't read my gibberish. I was playing imagine at the same time tho, and I was like "just got giant squirrel at almost 92 agility on OSRS" and a few people congratulated me, so that was nice. Tell me, do future pets dispense with the face-melting factor?
Not my discord, and you don't have to be active, you just need to join with that link. The contents of it are trivial. Just join pls.

27-Feb-2019 14:59:38

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4ev said:
Boabies said:
Draco Burnz said:
FisherGaming said:
Overpowered garbage. No support.

How? This would require you to camp while risking inside the wilderness. Risk for reward. It's entitled to be overpowered if it has proper risk.

Idk, let me go kill a bunch of lvl 2 rats in lvl 1 wilderness, then use it to PK with. I think you oversighted some things....or did you...

Absolute garbage borderline troll suggestion.

How about we only make it work on other players then?

27-Feb-2019 19:41:19

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