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A tool belt to hold skilling tools. Even if it only holds the most basic of forms of said tools, ( like bronze hatchet/pick axe) would be a great burden lifted off our limited inventory. Whether it be a like before and you can hold one of each or you could make it where you can only hold 2 or 3 certain items like say pick and hammer, or pick, chisel, and a mold or something. Even still you could make skill specific belts that you can load up with items like water vials and a few different ingredients so you can go out to your farm patch or just out collecting herbs to mix in. This would be especially helpful for iron man when I can't bank and half my inventory is my tools. Even non-iron man though would b fantastic to have a way to keep inventory space cleared for collecting ores or logs and fish and such. Just a thought.

07-Dec-2018 14:21:12

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I support this.
Olny basic tools tho chisel hammer shovel etc. Since one can weild axes and picks i don't see the need to add them to the tool belt. Also i saw another sugestion about a tool box i thought might me a fair compromise to the tool bet since it would still take an inventory space cost gp to obtain or aquire from a drop and would be lost on death.

12-Feb-2019 00:08:55



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Copied from the duplicate thread: FisherGaming said:
The balance of the game is designed around limited inventory space. Making it so that inventory space is less of an issue creates a whole host of problems that might no be immediately obvious.

More inventory space means more loot per trip, more gold/resources brought into the economy, and so on. It's not gamebreakingly overpowered, but it's definitely worth considering and often isn't considered by folks making these suggestions.

While it's not as simple as saying "this is easyscape," it does slightly make the game easier by not having to manage your inventory space in some cases, or having more leeway with that.

No support.
There'd be no need for 3rd party clients if the default one was decent. I vote no to all non-PvP Wilderness updates, and yes to all PvP Wilderness updates. If you want to revive the wilderness, encourage players to PvP, not lure them to the Wilderness to be victims.

12-Feb-2019 02:39:49

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