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My main computer has 2x Opteron 4386 CPUs, a RX 580 GPU, and I play OSRS at 4K resolution (also a problem at 1080p though). This is one of the worst hardware combinations for OSRS in-regards to performance (great multi-threaded performance, great GPU, poor single-threaded performance).

4K image with CPU usage and FPS:

I never go above 30 FPS, and average in the low 20s unless there's barely anyone on-screen. The worst place is the Arceuus library where my FPS goes into the single-digits. Meanwhile, a single CPU core out of the 16 I have is running at 75-95% at all times, shooting that CPU's power usage up to near-max TDP, generating a lot of heat and fan speed ramp-ups, and barely touching my GPU, just for a lousy 20-ish FPS. Process priority, various Java versions and flags, Windows or Linux, and CPU/memory pinning to different NUMA nodes don't help.

OSRS Mobile on this same computer with Android-x86 (8.1-r1) at 4K easily maintains 60 FPS. The GPU rendering that exists on mobile works nicely on regular Linux Mesa drivers. RS's NXT client also works decent on this hardware.

What I would really like to see for the desktop version of OSRS is support for use of the GPU for accelerating graphics. I'm willing to test anything, provide feedback, and generally know how to debug issues. This is the biggest thing I'm really passionate about for OSRS currently.

I use the official/vanilla client, and I don't wish to use a 3rd-party client just for decent performance. I have briefly tried a GPU plugin for a 3rd-party client, and it boosted my FPS nicely to 45-50 average.

With all the QoL going on and this being the 6th year of OSRS, I'm disappointed that I haven't seen any attention to this yet, but this would be significant QoL for me, and likely others.

It'd also be nice for the software renderer to remain as an option; I have an old laptop that handles OSRS fine currently, but it has a terrible GPU and might not benefit.

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In the old days, there used to be a way to sort of add multi-threaded support by editing the parameter file.

This is all I could find from those days. It was for the original rs2 client, but should still be applicable for the official osrs client.

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If Jagex isn't going to update the main client at all then the least they can do is acknowledge and sanction the use of some form of third party client so it's not as sketchy as it is now. It isn't fair for people using the original client to be at a disadvantage to those that are on runelite.

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