Runecrafting Guild Concept

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Nope No PK

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Currently Runecrafting has got to be one of the more excruciating skills to train. So here is my idea to Spice it up a bit.

-50 Runecrafting (Free and Members)

-Essence Mining Teleport
-Rune Seller (Includes Regular and Pure Esssence)
-Altar Portal (See Below for Mechanics)
-Bank Chest and/or Deposit box

Altar Portal Mechanics
The portal is in constant flux as the knowledge of runes is chaotic. Every 5 seconds the portal switches to which altar it will direct you, the large rune symbol above the portal shows where you will end up. Upon arrival at the altar the return portal is only stabilized for 15 seconds to return you to the guild. Otherwise you will need to find your own way back from regular altar exit.

-Every X Successful Trips through return portals awards you a guild token.
-Guild tokens can exchanged with the rune seller to acquire a rune grab bag
-Guild tokens can also be exchanged for Runecrafters outfit

-Rune Grab Bag- A random assortment of X runes of any variety
-Runecrafters Outfit- Full outfit grants 2.5% additional XP

27-Feb-2019 00:38:22

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enter portal, takes you to chaos altar, only 15 seconds to make runes and get out


all jokes aside RC definitely needs something to help it. Everyone will say "it devalues the people who already have 99" but chances are they either did lavas or they made huge bank, and a faster method that is far less profitable doesn't hurt anyone

the problem is that this method isnt less profitable, it could even turn out to be more profitable than the old fashioned way, the higher your level is, especially if you can get lucky on the altar switching to death or law portal. I did enjoy the runecrafting guild in RS3 and would like to see something similar (albeit no runespan, please), but I dont really like the portal idea, since we have the abyss already

definitely like the RC outfit. despite the exp boost it might end up making you lose exp per hour since you arent using full graceful, but thats a lot of math to do.

In short I like the idea but I'd want to see something more than just the portal which I can't in good conscience support

27-Feb-2019 02:09:53

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right now getting 99rc is absolute suicide,
I honestly couldn't careless about those people that would complain about a new/faster method.
it's their fault that they wasted fuck knows how many hours to get 99.

27-Feb-2019 02:20:42

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No support. If rcing is that bad, don't do it. Or play rs3 where they already catered to lazy noobs that didn't like the skill. No point in ruining the skill just because you dont like it.

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I think the problem Runecrafting suffers from is not necessarily one of being slow to level, but rather that it is boring.

There's nothing particularly interesting about running to and from an altar repeatedly, regardless of how fast the XP you get is.

I'm not opposed to a Runecrafting Guild, but I'd want it to be something unique. Instead of just running Essence to an altar over and over for hours, perhaps you could be doing something more interesting. I don't know what that is, but a new altar (or a way to get to existing altars) isn't it.

I'm also not opposed to having a slightly faster method than what is currently available, but I'd much prefer a better method than a faster one.
I'll keep score from now on.
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