Delician Spirit Shield

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This spirit shield would have the Ely's design recolored red and base stats. Its effect could be activated once every 10 minutes and for the next three game ticks, it'd veng and drain prayer equal to the damage done. This would counter granite maul spastics.

26-Feb-2019 07:11:51

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No, it's not. If you're gonna troll, go find another thread. If you're gonna try to spite, then it's futile because this would fall under PvP-only polls. I haven't clicked on any phishing links and as a result, I haven't gotten hacked. Git gud nubnubs.

26-Feb-2019 16:13:56

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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I recall you already posted this thread and it was locked, but that one had a picture. What happened to that? IIRC, the old one also made you invincible in PvP. That was way better, I want that back.
Not my discord, and you don't have to be active, you just need to join with that link. The contents of it are trivial. Just join pls.

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