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Some of these ideas are brilliant. Others... not a fan of. I can give a more detailed rundown later, but I wanted to at least say that I absolutely love the idea of gaining one effect during the effect of a prayer and a different effect for a time afterwards.

10-Jan-2019 03:25:55



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Several problems. First, experience is measured by the game in increments of .1, not 1. Many actions give a non-integer amount of experience. 49 * 1.02, rounded down, would be 49.9 experience.

Second, my problem with this and other skilling prayers is that it makes prayer too valuable while skilling, encouraging the use of prayer-boosting armor while training, and also encouraging the use of stuff like Prayer Potions, which I think is a bad precedent for skilling. This isn't a massive issue for Vivacity itself because of the slow drain rate, but I'm still wary about it.

I also don't like how general-use it is. Being able to blanket increase all experience, even by a very slight amount, is... I think, overall, a problem.


I like this one. When I read it earlier I didn't remember the 5-1 conversion thing, but that fixes my only complaints.


While I like this one in theory, in effect it's usually not worthwhile to go on a farm run unless all your crops are grown so this wouldn't actually be all that useful. Directly increasing your chance of harvesting more crops would be more useful, but might be controversial. Still, I think that might be the better direction to go with this.

11-Jan-2019 19:34:33



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I do like how this utilizes Guthix's balance aspect. I would actually be interested in seeing this reworked into an improved set of non-overhead prayers - instead of reducing your maximum and increasing your minimum, just increasing your minimum by increasing amounts based on tier. Consider that traditional prayers can increase your strength directly, whereas this has, ultimately, a neutral effect. Or actually a negative effect, since it reduces your max hit by 5 and increases your minimum hit by only 4.

That said, there are some technical problems here, in that the effect would break and give an invalid range if your damage was low enough. A low level player who normally has a maximum hit of 7 would, when using this prayer, have a minimum hit of 5 and a maximum hit of 2. Which makes no sense.

I'm going through these one by one, but when I get to some other prayers I'll have more to say on this one, in conjunction with them.


I like this one. However you're missing information. You say for every 5 seconds it was active, you receive a damage reduction of 50/25%. But... For how long does this reduction last? Does it last for the same length of time the ritual was active? Or some other rate? Given various aspects, such as the extremely high drain rate for this prayer (nine times the rate of a standard protection prayer), and the PvP use being limited by the restrictions on activating the damage reduction, I feel like unless that effect lasts for a while, this prayer is quite underpowered.

But if it lasts too long, you could run into a problem where a player could prime themselves by praying constantly at an altar for a while (probably while training some other skill) and then going into the wilderness and having hours of damage reduction.

Like I said, I do like the idea, I just think it needs some work to fix some issues.

11-Jan-2019 19:43:43



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I love the idea of the gnome egg (though the rate is way too high for a pet). Otherwise, I'm not so sure on this one. Most of the time there are enough trees around that this isn't an issue and wouldn't need to be on, but if it's not on then you don't have the chance at the gnome egg.

Personally I don't think the gnome egg works well here. Like I said, I love the idea, it just doesn't really mesh well with a prayer. I wonder if there'd be some way to introduce it in another way?

Overall, would be a powerful effect at Sulliusceps, but nearly useless elsewhere. Which, mind you, I haven't got an issue with niche-use prayers.


I think this is okay, but as I hinted at before, I'm going to bring up the topic of Relentless. I think that Relentless, Protection, and possibly another prayer for accuracy should all be reworked to have a similar theme, and tiers. Relentless would work as described above. Protection would be a damage reducing effect. Defense and damage. The accuracy one would have a percentage chance to turn a miss into a hit.

I think this allows the prayer book to be a bit more filled out without having to come up with as many unique effects, and puts it more in line with existing prayers (in the sense that not only do you get new stuff as you level, the existing things you can do get stronger).


Same issue I had with Vivacity I've got here, regarding the general-use aspects of this, but overall toned down because getting a clue is more niche to want. Overall I think this is a very clever idea, and in this case I'd say it's worth putting up with the downsides here.

One thing that would be nifty would be if this worked basically, per event rather than per tick. This might have been what you were going for, but I'm not sure.

The reason I say this is it would actually then be super cool for Runecrafting. Which I'm fine with.

Also, maybe bigger exp drops = better chance at a higher tier clue?

11-Jan-2019 20:03:02



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I'm not sure on this one. If it's per-event rather than per-tick, this could easily be abused / broken. Fletching could get you an additional 9000 Runecrafting experience per hour, which, given how slow Runecrafting is, would be a massive buff to efficiency.

I like the idea, and I like how it ties into Tears of Guthix, but I'm not convinced it can be balanced properly.

If you gave it some kind of cap, then that effectively turns it into a daily, and also makes it work weirdly compared to other prayers.

Also, my complaints regarding Vivacity apply here.

Now, I don't know if you'd like this, but what about a prayer that gives a small buff to experience, but which only works for your lowest skill? This bypasses a lot of my complaints with both. And yet it still keeps the theme of increasing experience for your lowest skill.


Conflicted with this one. I understand that on this spellbook, protection prayers aren't an option, and that renders players very vulnerable in the Wilderness, but unlike protection prayers, there's not really that much strategy for this one, or opportunity for counterplay.


Eh. This one is underwhelming.


I think this one is kind of awesome. Love it. Though might work better as a percentage decrease (which also avoids the problem of having a maximum hit below 0).


I like the flavor/theme of this, but it has scaling issues. I think it could work, but I'm not sure. The effect and the cost might be too powerful. Not sure though.


These are the main prayers. I'll stop here for now. If you are liking my feedback, I can give my response to the "ultimate" and "lost" prayers later. I can also pitch some ideas for some rituals of my own, maybe give some inspiration.

I want to be clear though - though I had a lot of criticism, don't take that as me not liking your ideas. I think a ton of them are great. I don't give criticism like this unless I think the core of an idea is outstanding.

11-Jan-2019 20:28:34

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