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How satisfied are you overall with the following quest series now that have concluded?

What are your thoughts on each of their whole plots? Were they progressing great? Were they interesting? Did it have strong character development, etc.?

And what about their finales make you feel contempt? Did the finale hit all the plot holes in your opinion? Did you wish there could have been more?

• Elf Series (ended by The Light Within)

• Sea slug series (ended by a pillar)

• Void series (ended at The Void Stares Back)

• Dorgeshuun series (up to The Mighty Fall - does not include Nomad's Elegy)

• Fairy series (Ended by Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift)

• Myreque/Vampyre series (Ended by River of Blood)

• Dwarf series (Ended by Birthright of Dwarves)

• Tzhaar/Tokhaar series (Ended by The Brink of Extinction)

James Bonde Series

The Sliske Series (from Missing, Presumed Death to Sliske's Endgame)
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Why So Fishy

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Elf Series - Yes, but the Dark Lord thing could have been done better IMO. 9/10

Sea Slug - horrible ending, horrible ending rewards, just a terrible conclusion overall. 2/10

Void series - Great ending, great storyline, ok rewards. 8/10

Dogreshuun - Overall pretty good. 7/10

Fairy series - Ended a long time ago, but fairy ring teleports were pretty good. 6/10

Myreque story - Not happy with this one. Maybe its because of the whole "5th age" thing, but branches of darkmeyer had such good lore and great rewards, i'm a little disappointed with the lack of good rewards from Rivers of Blood especially, even though sunspear is good. 5/10

Dwarf series - meh. Good ending, but yet again, rewards are very, very bad. Dragon warhammer and throwing axes are a bad, outdated reward for a post-EOC quest. 6/10

Tzhaar/Tokhaar - Great ending, great story, moderate rewards. Wish the cauldron was a little bit better though. 9/10

Bonde series - meh, don't remember too much of this one, but it did introduce corp. 7/10

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elf -- okay
sea slug -- very weak
void -- excellent
dorgeshuun -- great
fairy -- good
myreque -- mediocre
dwarf -- decent
tzhaar -- meh
bonde -- good

The Void quests in particular are just really solid all-around. Intriguing mystery, well-developed characters, satisfying conclusion, and good pacing throughout.
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Satisfied with all EXCEPT BotD was horribly rushed, as was Plague's End.

As for Vyres, there are a number of things that are still left unanswered, that I wish they would finish, but the final two quests were still pretty decent.

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• Elf Series~I would contend that the series ended with Plague's End, and the followup was just a bonus. TLW didn't deal with outstanding plot issues from the series. ME3 is a narratively VERY well-assembled quest, and dastardly clever in how it manages to tie up all the loose threads from the series. It does an exceptional job of humanizing the Iorwerths, delivering a traditional, player-driven quest feel, and I quite appreciated its classical approach to pathos and hubris.

However, its ambition FAR outstripped its budget and ability to deliver the necessary dialogue, tableaus, and mechanics to present the proper scope of the quest. It also contains what I consider to be some of John A's weakest dialogue in the game. As a finale - it superbly concludes the tales of the elves, Prifddinas, the plague, the Dark Lord, in a way that makes sense and is interrelated. However, on its own merits, it falls somewhat short.

The Light Within is a weird quest with some parts I loved and some parts I hated. I'd rate it excellent if it didn't end with Seren's return and it omitted Guthix and Baxtorian.

• Sea slug~Were it a standalone, I'd consider SitW one of RS's better quests - unique mechanics, absurd RS humour, excellent sound design, and a passable plot with some genuine tragedy tossed in. As a finale, it's dog poop. It ignores pretty much all the outstanding mysteries from its predecessors, subverts lore, leaves several characters in the lurch, and fails to address the most intriguing questions it generates. I'm still waiting for the Kennith quest that will be the REAL finale.

• Void~One of the most satisfying finales, because of how well-integrated and planned each quest was. The themes were appropriately escalated, we were called on to make decisions, and it culminated in a moment that helped define who we were as adventurers by the journey we'd undergone. I've never felt so much rage at a video game character. A great case for serialized quest development.

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• Dorgeshuun~I consider the finale to be The Chosen Commander, but the Mighty Fall does have some claim on this, since it deals directly with Zanik and the fate of Dorgesh-Kaan. Chosen Commander is one of the great quests of Runescape, one of those things you can put on a pedestal, and point to when your gaming credibility is on the line, and say "we may not have X,Y,Z, but YOUR dumb game doesn't have The Chosen Commander." Great dialogue, a moving speech, a moment of staid pride as the meek goblins prepare their doomed last stand. It encapsulates the themes of xenophobia, identity, and independence woven throughout the story, in a way that renders the player and all his allies heroes.

The Mighty Fall, gameplay wise, is one of the most giddily enjoyable quests in RS, and acts as a fantastic sendoff to the Bandosian faction, sunsetting in a way that celebrates their values. BUT, it criminally mishandles Zanik and her relationship to the player, and for that - arguably the central theme of the Dorgeshuun series - it can't be forgiven. Bad finale.

• Fairy~This questline is generally so farcical, enclosed, and (outside of the finale) low-stakes, I don't think the final quest had a tonne to live up to. Not a lot of big mysteries to clear up. The final quest was very well-made (imo, best in the series), features much exploration, and just the right amount of buildup to the big battle. A satisfying conclusion overall.

• Myreque~This is a tough one. I would argue it was never truly concluded, because the final act of RoB, which would have finally tied the Splinter Group into the full breadth of the story, was axed. This quest series generated a plethora of questions - orders of magnitude above any other perhaps save Mahjarrat - and it was always going to be a challenge to tie these up in a satisfactory way. With 4 Ages of Morytania history on the line, I think we'd all accepted we wouldn't get to discover absolutely everything.

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But I never would have expected it to leave just so much on the table.

Ascertes, the Splinter Group, the tomb, the affliction, essence, the disappeared, among MANY others. Some was "addressed" in FAR too oblique a way to leave a definite conclusion. My character has no idea that Vanstrom=Ascertes. Why would he?

RoB's biggest sin lies in how it spends its first act setting up the Splinter Group as the bigbad, hinting that they're responsible for the merc protocol, werewolf incursions, Myreque successes, vyre strikes - and now they are on the cusp of the war they've worked so hard for, and their apparent leader has unfettered access to the Salve Barrier, the greatest known weapons to vyre kind, and an individual who may be history's greatest vampyre hunter, or Morytania's strongest vyre. It's a masterful setup, one that can easily be massaged to integrate the Splinter's meddlings into every quest of the series (save tLoV, its strongest entry).

Then none of it pays off. None. We follow a weird critical path that seems to be the triumph of dogma and prejudice over cooperation or understanding, then an ending where we abruptly hug it out, amidst some excellent dialogue that is, thematically, utterly incongruous.

There are a LOT of very strong elements there. Pathways are opened towards addressing almost every dangling plot thread, towards syncretizing the many disparate wisps of story. It veers very close to being an amazing quest. But its the difference between a trout and a trot - the gap between mediocrity and greatness is minuscule and vast, and a finale with huge potential falters.

• Dwarf~Mechanically, a disappointment for a big finale. However, storywise, it is unmatched. Nothing else in Runescape approaches this level of maturity, its merciless exploration of nihilism and self-deception, its bleakness, its Sartrian assertions of agency.

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It takes all the character development of its predecessors and fashions a noose out of them, which it lovingly lays on our necks and throttles until we can take no more. The localization budget led to some unfortunate truncations of dialogue, so, sadly, not even the narrative emerges unscathed. Still, I'd put this at a 9.5/10 storywise, and something lower overall.

• Tzhaar/Tokhaar~Pretty great. The Elder Kiln is an amazing quest that I'm always surprised doesn't receive more recognition from the playerbase at large, but BoE still did a fine job of concluding its story, and giving us satisfying resolution to the Gaal and the TokHaar.

• Bonde~Honestly, I wouldn't even consider this a series. It's just two quests, and they really run together into one experience for me. I couldn't tell you where one ends and the other begins.

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Elf series was great, but very disjointed and with a rushed ending.

Sea slugs was also great until the terrible ending that robbed you of victory and threw out any plot elements from the previous quests.

Void series is one of the best they've ever made because they planned it all out at once so it makes sense beginning - end.

Dorgeshuun was also really great. A bit disjointed like the elf series but still consistent and with a great ending. The Mighty Fall was pretty terrible though, managing to completely screw up both Zanik (model, not playing any useful role due to an arbitrary sickness) and Bandos (his backstory making him to be, of all things, a bit of a hypocrite. He had one positive character trait and they stomped it out like "we can't have that!";) Due to this we'll never have quests with Zanik among the godless, which would've been a great opportunity to bring a familiar character into the sixth age.

Fairies were good, but the one thing I remember more than anything about them was the graphics change partway in making everyone unrecognizable.

Myreque = Very good, but it was dumb that we spent like 4 quests making the flail of ivandis only for them to go "lol no, throw that piece of junk away."

dwarves = Again really awesome but squandered with an awful finale that left my favorite character, Veldaban, completely unrecognizable.

tzhaar = very cool, if weird at times. RIP Xox. I think, in retrospect, the questline would have had more impact if Xox was the one we hatched at the beginning.

sliske = one of their best, I love Sliske as a character. You've got the same sort of personal vendetta as Lucien but with someone who's a bit more than "Mwahaha I am evil!" The graphical update screwing up his face at the end, again, bugged me. Plus the maze went on for 4 hours, and would've been 5 if I hadn't cheated. :@
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