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How satisfied are you overall with the following quest series now that have concluded?

What are your thoughts on each of their whole plots? Were they progressing great? Were they interesting? Did it have strong character development, etc.?

And what about their finales make you feel contempt? Did the finale hit all the plot holes in your opinion? Did you wish there could have been more?

• Elf Series (ended by The Light Within)

• Sea slug series (ended by a pillar)

• Void series (ended at The Void Stares Back)

• Dorgeshuun series (up to The Mighty Fall - does not include Nomad's Elegy)

• Fairy series (Ended by Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift)

• Myreque/Vampyre series (Ended by River of Blood)

• Dwarf series (Ended by Birthright of Dwarves)

• Tzhaar/Tokhaar series (Ended by The Brink of Extinction)

James Bonde Series

The Sliske Series (from Missing, Presumed Death to Sliske's Endgame)
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