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Hi, I'm Tirgonz25 or maybe im used to be can I tell you my story? is something that happened a month ago already, like many other players I play runescape (a lot) and something happened to me something normal or strange depending on your perspective. rs being the type of game that is more fun with friends so I convinced several to play even if they were not very convinced by the "graphics" of osrs but after a while they liked it a lot and like any good friend help them in its beginnings. It was easy since I had better lvl and several months already in the land of gilienor, and a good bank due to my effort of months. I gave a bond to each of them "Nitrogeno" and "minfrixD" to start but something not so strange happened despite all the security systems. The "Nitrogeno" account was hijacked and lasted a day without being able to enter until he made his report and could then recover but only to be "banned" and then "unbanked" because it was determined that the account had been suspiciously used (following the policies of the game). all very well we were happy and suddenly without further preambles a couple of days later all three got banned for "supposedly gold farming". I simply did not understand if the court had determined that the account was hijacked is that cause for a chain ban ? request the appeal but apparently I do not even have the right to do it what I can do? Is it wrong to give a bond to your friends? I'm being accused of something unfairly being a legitimate player ? I just want a definitive answer to my situation if there is a solution or a review of this case. I just do not want to lose so many months of effort in a game that I enjoy so much.

24-Jan-2018 16:31:51

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