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The Needle, The Template, The Hammer, and The Codex.

What do you think each of them do ?
(And yes, I know that we already know The Needle's existence from IA, but let's still discuss it, since it's still not clear what it really does on a lore perspective, compared to what it does for the IA's game mechanics. )
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Angof Cywir

Angof Cywir

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I think the Hammer is for breaking stuff quickly after each revision. I believe this is the artefact Armadyl didn't want to talk about, because, perhaps, he used it to break his home planet apart when he killed that one other god Sliske said he killed. Plus the Hammer fits with the whole motif of justice, courts, given the gavel-like appearance.
As for the Codex, could this be the one artefact that's been hiding in the Desert, Mod Osbourne told us about?

A codex is an ancient manuscript, usually in the form of a paper book. The idea of the Elder Gods reading out of a paper book looks plain weird, but it could be written on another medium... A wall of hieroglyphs perhaps? PERHAPS on the walls of the MENAPHOSAN LIBRARY to be released next YEAR? :O Tumeken's secret to ascension!


The Template is probably some huge globe the Elders look at to remember that planets should be round or something... Tumeken might also have this artefact as well, since big ball = sun.
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Elf of Seren
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Elf of Seren

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^I love Angof's theory on the hammer!

The codex will could be a large store of knowledge (information on past revisions maybe?), probably more information than even the Stone could store.

As for the Template @Angof, Mod Osborn said that not all planes are round. They come in all shapes sizes. Honestly, I have no idea what it could be, but it's use is probably a template for creating existance, as you said.

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Lord Remus

Lord Remus

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Another interesting question to add, are these new ones located on Gielinor or not? If memory serves correctly, the majority can be found in Gielinor but this implies that some or all of these be off world.

This means the Hammer could very well be on Abbinah, giving further support to the Armadyl theory mentioned above.

The Codex I'm inclined to believe is in the Dragonkin's Vault. As for what it actually does, I've always kind of seen the artefacts being like the little tools you get in a computer's programme. With this in mind, I think it acts like a folder that stores either planet and/or artefact blueprints. Going off the name, it would be strange if it didn't contain or store something.
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Well, if you think about it this way - most of the Elder Artefacts were created by Jas using the Stone of Jas. Given that she refers to the Stone as "My future. My sacrifice" this would lend credibility to the theory that the Stone was indeed her own hard-boiled egg.

In the Elder Chronicles, Jas is referred to as:

Original message details are unavailable.
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From Jas, the thought to lead them all. The preparation, the plan, the execution. To look to the future.

Given the names "Codex" and "Template" I think it's pretty clear that these two items were created by Jas to fill the void for both her "experience, wisdom and intelligence" (Codex) and "The preparation, the plan, the execution" (Template) when she was not part of the next cycle of existence.

I would anticipate that both of these artefacts would need to be on Gielinor, for the next generation of Elder Gods to discover and use to create the next universe.
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Angof Cywir said:
I believe this is the artefact Armadyl didn't want to talk about, because, perhaps, he used it to break his home planet apart when he killed that one other god Sliske said he killed.

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A Mighty

A Mighty

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^But that doesn't really make sense. The Aviansie evolved to adapt to the conditions of a shattered Abbinah, and all the dialogue up until now make it sound like Abbinah was always the way it is...
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