The Paths to Enlightenment?

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What exactly is "enlightenment?" How does it work, and how can it be explained in the context of the anima process, magic, and the soul? Any theories?

Here are some various entries in-game mentioning enlightenment:

Enlightenment in Scabarite Lore

Source: Scabaras research (item) + High Priest of Scabaras dialogue

Enlightenment in Elven Lore

Source: Lady Hefin Dialogue

Enlightenment in Wushankan Lore

Source: The Path of the Monk (item).

(Picture Credit: the unofficial Runescape Wikia.)

Basically, to achieve enlightenment, one must starve themselves, meditate A LOT, have little interaction with society, and a bunch of other things. But how do all these grant you super powers and some kind of ascended form? O_O
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